Taking Yoga to (Special) Children – 2

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Yes! We got the seed.

We could… FEEL THE WAY we could take yoga to the special children in a very special way. SEE the seed evolving.

Cutting the long story short

Our centre’s founder Shiva Rishi ji  observed each group of children and the process of analyzing their behavioral challenges began.

We keenly observed the behaviour of a child with a specific disorder. This gave us an overall understanding for giving the yoga practices. In general all the children were taught all the practices in pawanmukthasana part 1 group which are the basic yoga practices with the help of the mothers.

Orientation programmes were given to all the mothers so that they could understand the importance of these practices. Mothers made some positive observations about their children after the implementation of these practices. They observed the improvement in general health, in sleeping and certain behaviours.

With support from MNC (the school for special children), a special yoga program was devised for these children. We identified the parameters where yoga can be of great help to the children and to their mothers. We decided to give a tailor-made yoga program for each child as their challenges are unique and called it IYP (Individual Yoga Program).

Initially the challenges were identified by our centre’s faculty and practices suggested. Over a time, we realised that there is mismatch in teacher’s perspective and parent’s perspective as the child  behaves differently at home and school.

Hence Shiva Rishi ji decided that the challenge levels of each child, for eleven specified parameters, would be identified by the MNC teachers and consensus would be taken from the parents by us, when the IYP is given and explained to the parents.

An IYP form, that has been simplified and perfected over 8 years, clearly idendifies the challenges in a child and practices are suggested accordingly.

For example, if the child continues to drool, then practices like makarasana and chant mmmmm was suggested, so that compulsive closing of the mouth will  help in stopping this habit.

Similarly each challenge was looked into before deciding the program for a particular child.

It is said that small things give big results. Likewise small steps taken over the years helped us build this program which is well appreciated by the parents and MNC as well. Our biggest reward is in seeing some of these children move into regular schools…

With continuous research and development, the growth story continues…

 Jnana Jyoti, Yoga teacher


Ankur-SKILLS and Satyananda Yoga – Experiential Workshop

One after the other, education boards across the country are making Yoga and Life-Skills training mandatory in schools

There is a dearth of quality and comprehensive Life-Skills programs / trainers for school going children

Do you want to make life-skills / Yoga training – your career choice?

Why Ankur-SKILLS is considered a comprehensive Life-Skills program for K12 (School education) space ?

Why Satyananda Yoga is a proven Yoga methodology across the globe for more than 50 years?

Experience to Know…

Registrations are open for half-day experiential workshops

For more details, Nominations / Registrations:

Contact 98400 76654 / ankur@blissgroup.com

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uvAcha Quiz – 1

  1. On which date did Dhyan Chand win Olympic Gold for India in Hockey in Germany? Which country premier did he meet the next morning? Clue: The answer is available elsewhere in the current edition of uvAcha”
  2. One Indian leader spearheaded the initiative and deserves credit for convincing 565 princely states for accession into India post-independence. Who is he? Clue: He is rightly called the “Iron-Man of India”.
  3. Rabindranath Tagore told French Nobel Laureate Romain Rolland, “If you want to know India, study ______________. In him everything is positive and nothing negative.” Which Indian is Tagore referring to in the above statement? Clue: He gave us the clarion call “Arise… Awake… and stop not till the Goal is Reached…”

Mail your answers to uvacha@blissgroup.com

Lesser Known Warriors of Indian Independence

Kunwar Singh

He was born in 1782 in Jagdishpur village of Bihar

He urged a gang of rebels to attack Agra and in no time, he looted the treasury and established kingship over the Agra Fort.

While he was crossing River Ganga, the Britishers pierced a bullet in his right wrist, but to prevent poison spreading further into the body, he amputated his right hand and threw it into the lap of Mother Ganga saying it was his last offering to her.

Shyamji Krishna Verma

In 1905, he started ‘The Indian Sociologist’, a newspaper for propagating the cause of Indian freedom from London.

In 1905, he also established India House, a hostel for Indian students studying in England and admitted students to the hostel only after they vowed that they would never serve under the British Government.

His name is still painted on the almirah, containing the donated books at the Paris University library.

Sufi Amba Prasad

He was an ascetic of freedom, an expert in both English and Urdu, he was a law graduate who never practiced law.

He was imprisoned twice for the ‘intolerable’ articles he published in a Urdu periodical at Muradabad.

His tombstone is still in Iran and even today, on his death anniversary, the Iranians gather at his tombstone to honour India’s brave son with garlands of flowers.

Kishan Singh Gadgajj

This hawaldar of No.2/35 Sikh regiment was totally transformed after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

He started his own party and called it Chakravarty Dal, later renamed as Babbar Akali Dal and the ensuing movement came to be known as Babbar Akali Andolan

The strategy adopted by him was that his partymen would suddenly go to some villages, gather about a hundred people, give a stirring speech, remind them about their duty and leave and he alone gave 327 speeches and turned thousands of people into revolutionaries.

Surya Sen

He was a teacher in the National School in Chittagong which led to him popularly being known as ‘Master Da’

He was one of the few leaders, who had the vision to inspire and train women like Beena Das and Mamta Das in revolutionary work.

He and his partymen were successful in occupying the two main armouries in Chittagong, destruction of telephone and telegraph systems and dislocation of railway communication between Chittagong and the rest of Bengal.

Some Interesting Animal Facts

  • An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain
  • Birds need gravity to swallow
  • A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch tongue
  • Frogs can’t swallow with their eyes open
  • Dragonflies have 6 legs but can’t walk
  • A crocodile can’t move its tongue
  • An elephants ears are used to regulate body temperature
  • Bats always turn left when exiting a cave
  • It’s physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky
  • White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf
  • Giraffes and rats can last longer without water than camels
  • Ants stretch when they wake up in the morning
  • A snail can sleep for 3 years

Train The Trainer Program – Yoga and Life-Skills – 2nd Batch

Want to be a torch bearer in an emerging trend?

Choose to be become a sought after Yoga trainer / Life-Skills trainer?

Hone your SKILLS through this Comprehensive Train-The-Trainer program…

Registrations are now open for second batch of Advanced Train The Trainer Certificate Program in Satyananda Yoga and Ankur Skills

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Tummy Breathing…


Have you observed your mumma’s or pappa’s tummy when they are asleep?

What happens?

You are Right. When they breathe in the tummy bulges out. On breathing out it goes in.

Tummy Breathing


This is the right way to breathe. When you breathe in tummy bulges out. When you breathe out tummy goes in. You can do this consciously, during any time of the day, when you remember to…

It will be more helpful when you do this, when you feel bored, stressed, angry, sad… Breathe in deeply so that your tummy bulges out and breathe out deeply so that the tummy goes in.

Do this for next one month and share how you felt… at uvacha@blissgroup.com

The Courageous Dhyan Chand

15 August 1947 – India became Independent.

But the spirit of independence was exhibited exactly 11 years before that by Dhyan Chand. Read on…

15 Aug 1936…

It was the Berlin Olympics and India was to play the mighty Germany in the Finals of the Hockey tournament. To boost the morale of his team, Adolf Hitler decided to attend and witness the match.

Just before match began, Indian Coach, Pankaj Gupta, got the Congress Flag (Tri colour with charka) into the teams dressing room. All the players saluted the Flag and sang Vande Mataram, the then acknowledged National Anthem of India.

Dhyan Chand

By half time India was leading 1-0. The playing conditions were not conducive for India in the second half. Dhyan Chand the captain of the Indian team was facing acute difficulty in running on the wet ground in his canvas shoes. Dhyan Chand calmly took off his shoes and started playing barefoot.

India won the Final match and the Gold medal by 8-1, of which 6 Goals were scored by Dhyan Chand himself. Hitler, left the stadium halfway through the match, as he could not bear to see his team lose. Later he expressed his desire to meet Dhyan Chand.

Dhyan Chand in Action

On being informed by the German Chancery, Dhyan Chand could not sleep the entire night. He was wondering what would happen in the lion’s den.

The next morning Dhyan Chand found himself, before Hitler. Hitler took a look at the sub-standard canvas shoes of Dhyan Chand and enquired “what else you do, when not playing hockey?”

Dhyan Chand: I am in Army
Hitler: What is your rank?
Dhyan Chand: I am Lance Nayak
Hitler: Come over to Germany and I will make you a Field Marshal.
Dhyan Chand was in flutter, not understanding whether it was an instruction to him by the Supreme Commander of the mighty German Army or an offer. Breaking his silence after a few seconds, Dhyan Chand replied in chaste hindi, “Indiais my Country, and I am fine there”.
Hitler is said to have taken his eyes off Dhyan Chand’s canvas shoes briefly and retorted, “As you like it”, and stomped away in a huff.
We should be proud of the humble Lance Nayak of the Indian Army who did the Indians proud.

Yoga Set To Play a Key Role in Resurgent India’s Growth Story…

CBSE, the premier educational body in India in K12 space, made Yoga education compulsory few years ago by making it an assessment criterion. This opened the doors for many schools to include Yoga Education in their school time-table. Later Samacheer Kalvi has made Yoga Education mandatory in all Tamilnadu schools – affiliated to various educational boards that fall under state administration. Several other states have also made Yoga mandatory in Schools.

Latest to join is Madhyapradesh. MP has gone a step ahead and is in the process of preparing a course curriculum apart from taking steps towards training enough trainers

After school education, Yoga as an educational tool is stepping into the higher education as well. Madras Medical College is taking steps in this direction

The day seems to be not far when Yoga education will be made mandatory not only in schools but also in all Higher Educational Institutions including IITs, IIMs and the likes. This is a welcome and much-needed change to make our burgeoning young population effectively contributing in Resurgent India’s Growth Story.

To make the story complete and journey smoother, urgent steps are needed to ensure that quality trainers are available, who can effectively teach Yoga to Children in a fun-filled environment. Recently The HINDU carried an article on some of the views of stakeholders in taking Yoga to Children

Ancient Indian Wisdom… How did we lose? On the path to reclaim!

Intellect is a strength and weakness in Humans.

With the help of intellect we are able to understand a lot that is happening around. Animals do not have this. It is a strength, we Humans have.

Many phenomena which are beyond the grasp of our senses, are beyond the grasp of our gross-intellect. Hence, they are difficult for us to accept. When we are unable to accept something which is true, it becomes a limitation. Here, our intellect proves to be a weakness. Let us see how…

  1. The Earth is Round. Based on sensory perception, the world believed for long that it is flat (Ancient Indian Scriptures clearly revealed that Earth is Round, but that was not accepted because it was not rationally explained/proved)
  2. Knowledge about x-rays, infra-red rays, ultrasound, infrasound, etc., is the basis for many of modern day’s scientific advancements. They were revealed due to technological advancements. Prior to that they were a limitation to human understanding and use of various phenomena

How did experts realise these phenomena?

They relied on their subtle intellect.

Subtle intellect is approachable through intense reflection and contemplation in a relaxed state of mind. Edison mentions that most of his scientific discoveries have happened thus. Intense awareness of experiences and later inquiry through reflection and contemplation help us realize subtle truths and phenomena which are otherwise not available to the logically thinking gross intellect. Truths thus realized are later explained by scientists, either through scientific or empirical research.

Some truths however stay beyond logical/scientific/rational explanation, even though the results are quite clear. Ancient Indian seers/scientists however realised them due to presence of highly developed subtle intellect and intuition. They were also aware that human mind finds it difficult to accept and embrace phenomena that is not rational and explained.  Hence, they packaged this wisdom in the form of rituals and practices and integrated them into our lifestyle. They understood the spiritual oneness that drives everything in this world and made religion and spirituality, foundation principles of our lifestyle. By following these rituals our ancestors experienced the benefits of the same, without having the need to understand and explain the same to their rational mind.

This explains how Indian culture has been able to withstand and survive the trials and turbulence for thousands of years.

This also explains why Indians were able to be the torch bearers for the world in all fields till about 1850s, when the colonial powers exploited and destroyed a bulk of Indian Wisdom.

By strategically meddling with our education system, British successfully destroyed the confidence we have on us and the versatility of our culture. Even after more than six decades of their exit, we have not regained this confidence as we have not reclaimed our knowledge. Instead of looking within, we look towards the west to know and understand us. Let us know what we are?

Let us look into our texts, follow what they preach, experience and spread the richness of our wisdom world over. Let us teach them to our children in schools. Let us preserve and hand over this legacy to our future generations.

Thanks to the inherent strength of our native wisdom, the west is carrying forward the research to understand the logic and rationale behind our cultural practices.

We can however embrace them with faith and reclaim our wisdom without having to wait for scientific proof. Who can better know, than us, that all truths cannot be comprehended by the limited scope of our intellect.

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