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Taking YOGA to (Special) Children

Many questions in our lives will automatically be answered on seeing them, being with them, teaching them and learning from them.

We will know the importance of human birth and purpose of our life the moment we start to serve them, love them, give and share with them the limited knowledge that we have.

They are none other than the angels. They are the children very close to God. They are the very special children.

When this opportunity of taking yoga to these children came in through my Guru and founder of Satyananda Yoga Centre, Shiva Rishiji, I was surprised and at the same time shocked. Will I fit in the jig saw puzzle? Will I be able to deliver the goods?… and lot more questions were going on within to be answered by myself.

When I stepped in this school of special children, I became really emotional and moved. It was very difficult to control my ever flowing tears.It took nearly a week’s time to become more practical and realistic. I told myself… if at all I really need to serve them, I better put a full stop to these burdening emotions.

Initially the classes were started for the mothers of special children, as in our yoga centre we always believed these mothers should experience yoga to know its real value and be ready to take it to their children.They are the carriers of knowledge to these children. So we believed in empowering them to face the challenge ahead with zeal and enthusiasm.

Thus yoga classes were taken for all these mothers on a day to day basis and they were made to experience yoga. They could feel the energy changes happening in them and started developing belief and faith in this great tradition of India.

While giving yoga nidra to the mothers,we observed that children also slept off along with them and relaxed in few minutes. Otherwise restless and hyperactive children also calmed down by the magic of yoga nidra.

We started introducing basic practices in yoga to those children who were above three years. We believed that it would improve their physical stamina and general well being of the child  could be maintained. We also felt that absenteeism could also be avoided, there by ensuring smooth running of other programs at school.

This became the seed for the Banyan tree…

Jnana Jyoti, Yoga teacher

(To be continued …)

Taking Yoga to Schools… Ankur Children Yoga Festival 2013… Has YOUR School Registered?


Yoga when adapted as a lifestyle bestows immense benefits on physical, vital, mental and intellectual faculties of an individual helping in balanced and holistic growth. In the recent years CBSE at the national level, Samachheer Kalvi in Tamilnadu and several other state educational boards have thrust on yoga education at the school level and some of the boards have made it mandatory.

Yoga as a philosophy / discipline does not encourage competition. Abiding to this basic principle, Sn Shiva Rishi, Founder of Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust (SYECT), an extension of Bihar School of Yoga in Chennai has been celebrating Children Yoga Festival every year.

This year, being the golden jubilee year of its parent organisation, SYECT has joined hands with Ankur Learning Solutions to take the festival to a minimum of fifty schools in Tamilnadu.

The festival was inaugurated on 14th Feb 2013 at DAV Girls Higher Secondary School, Gopalapuram by its Hony Secretary Shri Jayadev Ji in the presence of Shri G P N Gupta, Chairman – BLISS Group of Companies as the Guest of Honour.

Shri Jayadevji Inaugurating the Festival

Shri Jayadevji Inaugurating the Festival

Several schools from DAV Group, Vivekananda Group, Mahindra World City have already participated and more schools have committed to host in the coming days.

SuryaNamaskar during Inaugural Event

SuryaNamaskar during Inaugural Event

It is a unique opportunity available only for schools in Chennai to host this prestigious event on a historical year.

Demonstration based on Chakras at Mahindra World City School

Demonstration based on Chakras at Mahindra World City School

The festival is being held in three levels – School, Zonal and City levels. The school level festival, being held in the participating school premises shall go on till end-September. The zonal level festivals shall be celebrated in Oct-Nov’13. The grand finale of this year-long festival – City level event, will be held on 14th Feb 2014.

Unique feature of this festival is that it includes various disciplines of Yoga – Hatha Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, etc.), Nada Yoga (Music), Bhakti Yoga (Keertan/Chanting) and Jnana Yoga incorporated appropriately at different levels.

This being a festival and not a competition, participating students at all levels are considered winners and given away participation gifts and certificates. Selected participants for the final level shall be taken on an all-paid, one week trip to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger.

Being the 50th year of Bihar School of Yoga (our parent institution) we want to give opportunity to 50 schools in Chennai. So please rush in your registration. We will nominate one of our yogacharyas or sevaks who will meet the assigned teacher in your school and help you take it forward.

There is no registration fee for taking part in this festival.

Contact: 98400 76654 or mail to syctchennai@gmail.com for more details

My Experience with Yoga Nidra

According to me, Yoga is a small light which helps people whose thoughts are fully drowned in dark ocean.  Small light helps people find their correct path out of the dark ocean. Likewise, yoga helped me and many people, to get on to our correct path and reach our destination from time to time.

Even though I learnt several practices, I was very much attracted to ‘Yoga Nidra’.  It helped me a lot in keeping my physical and mental stress away from me.

Basically, I was a person who forgets many things, especially in my studies.  I used to get frightened and tensed in each and every thing. According to me and people around me, I am the world’s patience-less girl who lacks self-confidence, who is very sensitive, etc.

But after doing Yoga exercises, especially Yoga Nidra and Pranayama, I was able to kick away all my negativity and problems from me.  Now I am a happy girl who enjoys life by facing all problems and taking decisions with a lot of self-confidence.

Soundarya. R, Student, Lady Sivaswamy H.S.S, Mylapore

Extra Curricular Activities during school hours.

One day as usual I was back home from work and just entering the home, when my son studying in Class V, came running to me. He had a Circular in his hand and was just shouting ‘mummy I will join badminton class’. The circular was from the school which mentioned that they have started the Sports Academy which included Yoga, badminton, etc.. and interested children could join the same. But the timing was from 4 to 5 pm i.e. after school hours.  So I immediately had to say a big NO to my son and he had to keep his face down and go back.

I definitely would like him to join in the activities which he would be interested. But how can I?  The school bus which drops him will not be available if he joins the classes.  Who will pick him up from school? How will he return home?  These are few questions which immediately runs in my mind.

I think this is the plight of most of the working moms like me.  We don’t have time to spend with the children nor can allow them to participate in events or programs of their choice.

We are compelled to search classes which offer the courses at weekends or at a time which is convenient for us to drop them and pick them up.

I am glad that the school has introduced the extra  curricular  activities and giving the opportunity to children to excel in the field of their choice.

But  I would appreciate if schools can consider this constraint of the parents, and think of bringing these activities within the school hours, probably within their curriculum so that the children are also satisfied in taking up their choice of activity.

– Latha, A Parent

Ankur Katha 2013 update

Congratulations to all those kids from across the country who have sent their entries for the one of its kind story writing opportunityKatha2013

The variety of stories and creativity displayed by children in giving illustrations to their stories is enthralling. We are in the process of screening and selecting the stories for publishing. Follow this space / our Facebook page for further updates, details of book release and sales…

Congratulations again to all the budding authors…

Let’s give them three cheers

HIP!    HIP!!    HURRAH!!!

HIP!    HIP!!    HURRAH!!!

HIP!    HIP!!    HURRAH!!!


Milestones of a successful brand…Think_Smiley

Open quotes!

Wipro, one of the world’s most trusted brands, is a name with a long history. Here’s a snapshot of our journey to date:

  • Established in 1945 as Western India Vegetable Products Limited in Amalner, Maharashtra
  • IPO for capital in February 1946
  • Ventured in to the fledgling IT industry in 1981
  • Established software products and exports subsidiary, Wipro Systems Ltd. in 1983
  • Pioneers in marketing indigenous Personal Computers in 1985
  • Established a Joint venture with GE in 1989
    • Entered IT services in the 1990s – we were among the pioneers in developing the ODC (Offshore Development Center) concept
  • Software business assessed at SEI-CMM Level 5 in 1998
  • Listed on NYSE in 2000 (NYSE:WIT)
  • The first company in the world to be assessed at PCMM Level 5 in 2001
  • Entered the BPO business in 2002
  • Entered the Eco-energy business in 2008

Close quotes!

–          What do you think helped WIPRO evolve and change its identity as the situation around changed?

–          What characteristics does an organisation/individual need to possess to evolve?

–          How can one nurture/develop those characteristics?

–          What are the tools available to us to develop those characteristics?


The milestones may differ. The level of achievements may differ. But the underlying principle remains the same in the journey of any successful company or individual. People, things and situations around undergo change continuously. These lead to disappointments, insecurities and fears. Successful are those who tread this journey carefully with maturity and poise. What characteristics determine maturity? What is a poise behavior?

Ancient Indians thought so much about nothing they gifted zero to the world. No need to mention the role zero has played in making the world that is today.


We can attempt to get answers to the above questions from internet or some book or from the person next to us. That’s what we generally tend to do, search for the answers outside.

Instead, can we take the road less travelled? Can we spare some time to find answers to the above questions, by searching within?


Ankur learns to stop crying

Ankur, as a small little child, always liked to play with his elder sister Ankita and his mother Ananya.

He had the habit of crying for the same thing again and again.

One day his mother told him a joke. He had a hearty laugh and asked for another joke. But, his mother repeated the same joke. Still he laughed. But his mother did not change the joke and kept on repeating it.

Ankur was tired of hearing the joke again and again and asked… ‘Ma! Why are you repeating the same joke again and again? Please tell me a new one!’

His mother replied, ‘Child if you cannot laugh at the same joke again and again, then why do you cry for the same thing again and again’.

After that Ankur did not cry for the same thing again and again.

Story by Jahnavi, G. (10 Yrs, Class 5)

Ankur’s Story

AnkurBirdLogo and Ankita are two miracle bird siblings, who are actually part of a tree. Ankur is the younger one who is ever young, fresh, energetic and inspiring. Ankita the elder sister is more mature, poised, and helpful and dedicated herself to the welfare of all. They fly around during the day and come back to the tree and become part of it in the night.

Ankur’s parents have been going around earlier, but now they have completely merged not only with themselves but with their family wisdom (the trunk of the tree) and become almost immobile.

Ankur Tree

They constantly relish in the wisdom of their ancestors that is stored in the trunk and also that part of the wisdom got through the roots. They also continuously collect the wisdom provided by Rishi, the wise man who has planted and is still nurturing the tree. Rishi constantly gives them wisdom and details about latest happenings in the modern world through nutrients and water. Ankur’s parents take that part of the knowledge which they feel is relevant, mix it with the family wisdom and give it to the children in the form of its fruits. The children eat the fruits in the night when they are home and become ready to give it back to the world during the day.

Ankur initially like any child had been naughty and mischievous. Rishi is his best friend, philosopher and guide. He loves to spend time with him. He used to hang around in the room where Rishi gets into conversation with many wise people who used to come and meet him.  He would watch Rishi do meditation, Yoga, read scriptures, play sports, sing, dance, write, etc., Rishi was a multi faceted personality. Rishi used to share a lot of his own experiences in life and also the wisdom that he has gained from his, his friend’s experiences and also by reading scriptures and history of the world. Ankur used to listen to all that in awe. Without being aware, Ankur slowly got transformed into a mature, knowledgeable and wise bird. Looking back he is surprised how his life got transformed and how his mischief and notorious behavior disappeared over the years. Ankur liked his transformation into a good bird, but wanted his childish nature back.

With the help of Rishi, Ankur gets the boon to remain ever young, make friends with children, spend a lot of time and play with them. Rishi also transfers a lot of his meditative and transformative powers to the family. Often the family members change forms / send a part of them in a different form either to go around and explore the world; or to help people in need.

Ankur has also observed Rishi working on computer and exploring various things in the internet. He thought this will be a wonderful way to make friends around the world, play and share his knowledge with them. On his request Rishi assured to teach him not only to work on the internet, but also to transform and get into the net, make friends with people from all over world and play with them. Ankur is now awaiting for the day when he can get into the net and shake hands with friends around the world. Ankur dreams about making new friends everyday and playing games with his friends on the net.

To share his overflowing energy and wisdom with millions of children in the world in a fun and entertaining way is the mission of Ankur. His loving family is with him in his mission. Together the family feel fortunate and are grateful to Rishi for having found in him a friend, philosopher and guide in this mission.

GuRu Poornima – A Tribute to GuRus

Languages in India, especially Sanskrit – called the language of Gods, emerged with deep meanings for each word and letter. The sound waves produced on pronunciation of each letter will have varying effects on the person pronouncing, people around and also the environment. Based on the effects they produce different meanings have been assigned to the letters and words are formed by combination of letters to denote a larger meaning. One such word is GuRu

The word GuRu has two letters “Gu” meaning darkness or ignorance, “Ru” meaning light or knowledge. Hence the word GuRu is meant to denote one who removes ignorance and fills us with wisdom. Going by the above definition for Guru, any person who fills us with right knowledge and removes ignorance, should be accorded the status of a Guru and respected accordingly.

Guru is accorded a place next only to the mother and father as per Indian tradition – Matha (Mother), Pitha (Father), Guru (Teacher), Daivam (God). Even God is accorded a place after Guru. The order denotes that one should first owe his allegiance to the parents – mother and father, then to the Guru and finally to the God. Another explanation is that one should see God in the preceding three and serve them as service to God.

It is said that… If you feed a person with food, he is freed from hunger for that day. But, if you impart him with the knowledge to earn his living, he can fend for himself and that will be of more help to him. Such is the value of knowledge.

A GuRu is one who accords the right knowledge to his pupil

– such knowledge which can make his life in this world a harmonious one with the environment and people around

– such knowledge with which he can inquire within and understand himself better

– such knowledge which will take him to Vaikunta, The abode of The Supreme Lord…

A Sloka from Padma purana which glorifies the role of a Guru and its explanation as taken from an excerpt of a discourse is given below…

Chinthamanir loka sukam suradruhu swarga sampatham
Prayachati Guruhu Pritho Vaikuntam Yogi Durlabham

There is a gem known as Chithamani that would bestow one with any worldly desires and nothing more than it.

There is a tree known as Kalpakavriksha which is superior to Chintamani gem and when one sits under the tree it can even bestow a heavenly abode but it cannot take one to Vaikunta.

If one desires to go to Vaikunta, then he needs to entice his Guru – “Prayachati Guruhu Pritho”. One can be a greatest sinner of all, but for some reason, a Mahatma looks at the sinner and takes him unto his fold then he is sure to reach Vaikunta, which is rare even for the Yogis.

A Guru

– Abdul Kalam – was able to inspire, motivate and give a ray of hope to millions of children in the country. His life is itself a big lesson for all students and teachers alike

Swami Sivananda – who revitalised the wisdom of Yoga with relevance to modern-day life – and spread it across the world

Swami Vivekananda – who inspired and energized people across the world cutting across religious beliefs with the greatness of Hinduism and Vedantic literature

– Ramanuja – who took the benefit of “ashtakshari mantra – Om Namo Narayanayah” to the masses and spread the greatness of Visishtadvaitham

– Sankaracharya – who spread the Sanatana Dharma and Advaitha Siddhanta

– Chanakya of Taxila – who dispelled darkness among the country men, put brakes on Alexander’s conquests, saved this country from bad “Nanda” rulers and established Gupta Empire under the able leadership of Chandragupta

… The list is endless. There have been and are numerous such Gurus who constantly throw the light of wisdom on this world.

Salutations to all those Gurus on this day of Guru Poornima, the day on which it is believed that Sage Vyasa was born in this world – The first Guru, who gave us the 18 Puranas, Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagawatham and also classified the Vedic Knowledge into four Vedas.

May the lives of these Gurus / teachers be an inspiration to thousands of other teachers to take the right path and instill right wisdom to their students and help them grow into confident, holistic adults…

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