Taking YOGA to (Special) Children

Many questions in our lives will automatically be answered on seeing them, being with them, teaching them and learning from them.

We will know the importance of human birth and purpose of our life the moment we start to serve them, love them, give and share with them the limited knowledge that we have.

They are none other than the angels. They are the children very close to God. They are the very special children.

When this opportunity of taking yoga to these children came in through my Guru and founder of Satyananda Yoga Centre, Shiva Rishiji, I was surprised and at the same time shocked. Will I fit in the jig saw puzzle? Will I be able to deliver the goods?… and lot more questions were going on within to be answered by myself.

When I stepped in this school of special children, I became really emotional and moved. It was very difficult to control my ever flowing tears.It took nearly a week’s time to become more practical and realistic. I told myself… if at all I really need to serve them, I better put a full stop to these burdening emotions.

Initially the classes were started for the mothers of special children, as in our yoga centre we always believed these mothers should experience yoga to know its real value and be ready to take it to their children.They are the carriers of knowledge to these children. So we believed in empowering them to face the challenge ahead with zeal and enthusiasm.

Thus yoga classes were taken for all these mothers on a day to day basis and they were made to experience yoga. They could feel the energy changes happening in them and started developing belief and faith in this great tradition of India.

While giving yoga nidra to the mothers,we observed that children also slept off along with them and relaxed in few minutes. Otherwise restless and hyperactive children also calmed down by the magic of yoga nidra.

We started introducing basic practices in yoga to those children who were above three years. We believed that it would improve their physical stamina and general well being of the child  could be maintained. We also felt that absenteeism could also be avoided, there by ensuring smooth running of other programs at school.

This became the seed for the Banyan tree…

Jnana Jyoti, Yoga teacher

(To be continued …)

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