Taking Yoga to Schools… Ankur Children Yoga Festival 2013… Has YOUR School Registered?


Yoga when adapted as a lifestyle bestows immense benefits on physical, vital, mental and intellectual faculties of an individual helping in balanced and holistic growth. In the recent years CBSE at the national level, Samachheer Kalvi in Tamilnadu and several other state educational boards have thrust on yoga education at the school level and some of the boards have made it mandatory.

Yoga as a philosophy / discipline does not encourage competition. Abiding to this basic principle, Sn Shiva Rishi, Founder of Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust (SYECT), an extension of Bihar School of Yoga in Chennai has been celebrating Children Yoga Festival every year.

This year, being the golden jubilee year of its parent organisation, SYECT has joined hands with Ankur Learning Solutions to take the festival to a minimum of fifty schools in Tamilnadu.

The festival was inaugurated on 14th Feb 2013 at DAV Girls Higher Secondary School, Gopalapuram by its Hony Secretary Shri Jayadev Ji in the presence of Shri G P N Gupta, Chairman – BLISS Group of Companies as the Guest of Honour.

Shri Jayadevji Inaugurating the Festival

Shri Jayadevji Inaugurating the Festival

Several schools from DAV Group, Vivekananda Group, Mahindra World City have already participated and more schools have committed to host in the coming days.

SuryaNamaskar during Inaugural Event

SuryaNamaskar during Inaugural Event

It is a unique opportunity available only for schools in Chennai to host this prestigious event on a historical year.

Demonstration based on Chakras at Mahindra World City School

Demonstration based on Chakras at Mahindra World City School

The festival is being held in three levels – School, Zonal and City levels. The school level festival, being held in the participating school premises shall go on till end-September. The zonal level festivals shall be celebrated in Oct-Nov’13. The grand finale of this year-long festival – City level event, will be held on 14th Feb 2014.

Unique feature of this festival is that it includes various disciplines of Yoga – Hatha Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, etc.), Nada Yoga (Music), Bhakti Yoga (Keertan/Chanting) and Jnana Yoga incorporated appropriately at different levels.

This being a festival and not a competition, participating students at all levels are considered winners and given away participation gifts and certificates. Selected participants for the final level shall be taken on an all-paid, one week trip to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger.

Being the 50th year of Bihar School of Yoga (our parent institution) we want to give opportunity to 50 schools in Chennai. So please rush in your registration. We will nominate one of our yogacharyas or sevaks who will meet the assigned teacher in your school and help you take it forward.

There is no registration fee for taking part in this festival.

Contact: 98400 76654 or mail to syctchennai@gmail.com for more details

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