Extra Curricular Activities during school hours.

One day as usual I was back home from work and just entering the home, when my son studying in Class V, came running to me. He had a Circular in his hand and was just shouting ‘mummy I will join badminton class’. The circular was from the school which mentioned that they have started the Sports Academy which included Yoga, badminton, etc.. and interested children could join the same. But the timing was from 4 to 5 pm i.e. after school hours.  So I immediately had to say a big NO to my son and he had to keep his face down and go back.

I definitely would like him to join in the activities which he would be interested. But how can I?  The school bus which drops him will not be available if he joins the classes.  Who will pick him up from school? How will he return home?  These are few questions which immediately runs in my mind.

I think this is the plight of most of the working moms like me.  We don’t have time to spend with the children nor can allow them to participate in events or programs of their choice.

We are compelled to search classes which offer the courses at weekends or at a time which is convenient for us to drop them and pick them up.

I am glad that the school has introduced the extra  curricular  activities and giving the opportunity to children to excel in the field of their choice.

But  I would appreciate if schools can consider this constraint of the parents, and think of bringing these activities within the school hours, probably within their curriculum so that the children are also satisfied in taking up their choice of activity.

– Latha, A Parent

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