uvAcha Quiz – 12

Vikramshila University, an ancient university of India whose ruins are situated in present day Bihar was founded by which Pala ruler

  1. Dharmapala
  2. Devapala
  3. Mahipala
  4. Govindpala

Shilbadra was the head of which university of ancient India

  1. Vallabhi
  2. Nalanda
  3. Vikramshila
  4. Takshashila

In ancient India, Nalanda University was a great centre for the study of –

  1. Hinayana Buddhism
  2. Mahayana Buddhism
  3. Jainism
  4. Hinduism

This university campus was spread across three adjoining hills – Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri

  1. Odantapuri
  2. Somapura
  3. Pushpagiri
  4. Vallabhi

This university was well-known for its specialized training on the subject of Tantrism

  1. Vallabhi
  2. Odantapuri
  3. Takshashila
  4. Vikramshila


Answers for uvAcha quiz – 11

(a)  Kathakali (b)  Kuchipudi  (c)  Manipuri  (d)  Bharatnatyam   (e ) Mohiniattam

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