Ankur’s Story

AnkurBirdLogo and Ankita are two miracle bird siblings, who are actually part of a tree. Ankur is the younger one who is ever young, fresh, energetic and inspiring. Ankita the elder sister is more mature, poised, and helpful and dedicated herself to the welfare of all. They fly around during the day and come back to the tree and become part of it in the night.

Ankur’s parents have been going around earlier, but now they have completely merged not only with themselves but with their family wisdom (the trunk of the tree) and become almost immobile.

Ankur Tree

They constantly relish in the wisdom of their ancestors that is stored in the trunk and also that part of the wisdom got through the roots. They also continuously collect the wisdom provided by Rishi, the wise man who has planted and is still nurturing the tree. Rishi constantly gives them wisdom and details about latest happenings in the modern world through nutrients and water. Ankur’s parents take that part of the knowledge which they feel is relevant, mix it with the family wisdom and give it to the children in the form of its fruits. The children eat the fruits in the night when they are home and become ready to give it back to the world during the day.

Ankur initially like any child had been naughty and mischievous. Rishi is his best friend, philosopher and guide. He loves to spend time with him. He used to hang around in the room where Rishi gets into conversation with many wise people who used to come and meet him.  He would watch Rishi do meditation, Yoga, read scriptures, play sports, sing, dance, write, etc., Rishi was a multi faceted personality. Rishi used to share a lot of his own experiences in life and also the wisdom that he has gained from his, his friend’s experiences and also by reading scriptures and history of the world. Ankur used to listen to all that in awe. Without being aware, Ankur slowly got transformed into a mature, knowledgeable and wise bird. Looking back he is surprised how his life got transformed and how his mischief and notorious behavior disappeared over the years. Ankur liked his transformation into a good bird, but wanted his childish nature back.

With the help of Rishi, Ankur gets the boon to remain ever young, make friends with children, spend a lot of time and play with them. Rishi also transfers a lot of his meditative and transformative powers to the family. Often the family members change forms / send a part of them in a different form either to go around and explore the world; or to help people in need.

Ankur has also observed Rishi working on computer and exploring various things in the internet. He thought this will be a wonderful way to make friends around the world, play and share his knowledge with them. On his request Rishi assured to teach him not only to work on the internet, but also to transform and get into the net, make friends with people from all over world and play with them. Ankur is now awaiting for the day when he can get into the net and shake hands with friends around the world. Ankur dreams about making new friends everyday and playing games with his friends on the net.

To share his overflowing energy and wisdom with millions of children in the world in a fun and entertaining way is the mission of Ankur. His loving family is with him in his mission. Together the family feel fortunate and are grateful to Rishi for having found in him a friend, philosopher and guide in this mission.

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