Ancient Indian Wisdom… How did we lose? On the path to reclaim!

Intellect is a strength and weakness in Humans.

With the help of intellect we are able to understand a lot that is happening around. Animals do not have this. It is a strength, we Humans have.

Many phenomena which are beyond the grasp of our senses, are beyond the grasp of our gross-intellect. Hence, they are difficult for us to accept. When we are unable to accept something which is true, it becomes a limitation. Here, our intellect proves to be a weakness. Let us see how…

  1. The Earth is Round. Based on sensory perception, the world believed for long that it is flat (Ancient Indian Scriptures clearly revealed that Earth is Round, but that was not accepted because it was not rationally explained/proved)
  2. Knowledge about x-rays, infra-red rays, ultrasound, infrasound, etc., is the basis for many of modern day’s scientific advancements. They were revealed due to technological advancements. Prior to that they were a limitation to human understanding and use of various phenomena

How did experts realise these phenomena?

They relied on their subtle intellect.

Subtle intellect is approachable through intense reflection and contemplation in a relaxed state of mind. Edison mentions that most of his scientific discoveries have happened thus. Intense awareness of experiences and later inquiry through reflection and contemplation help us realize subtle truths and phenomena which are otherwise not available to the logically thinking gross intellect. Truths thus realized are later explained by scientists, either through scientific or empirical research.

Some truths however stay beyond logical/scientific/rational explanation, even though the results are quite clear. Ancient Indian seers/scientists however realised them due to presence of highly developed subtle intellect and intuition. They were also aware that human mind finds it difficult to accept and embrace phenomena that is not rational and explained.  Hence, they packaged this wisdom in the form of rituals and practices and integrated them into our lifestyle. They understood the spiritual oneness that drives everything in this world and made religion and spirituality, foundation principles of our lifestyle. By following these rituals our ancestors experienced the benefits of the same, without having the need to understand and explain the same to their rational mind.

This explains how Indian culture has been able to withstand and survive the trials and turbulence for thousands of years.

This also explains why Indians were able to be the torch bearers for the world in all fields till about 1850s, when the colonial powers exploited and destroyed a bulk of Indian Wisdom.

By strategically meddling with our education system, British successfully destroyed the confidence we have on us and the versatility of our culture. Even after more than six decades of their exit, we have not regained this confidence as we have not reclaimed our knowledge. Instead of looking within, we look towards the west to know and understand us. Let us know what we are?

Let us look into our texts, follow what they preach, experience and spread the richness of our wisdom world over. Let us teach them to our children in schools. Let us preserve and hand over this legacy to our future generations.

Thanks to the inherent strength of our native wisdom, the west is carrying forward the research to understand the logic and rationale behind our cultural practices.

We can however embrace them with faith and reclaim our wisdom without having to wait for scientific proof. Who can better know, than us, that all truths cannot be comprehended by the limited scope of our intellect.

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