Yoga Set To Play a Key Role in Resurgent India’s Growth Story…

CBSE, the premier educational body in India in K12 space, made Yoga education compulsory few years ago by making it an assessment criterion. This opened the doors for many schools to include Yoga Education in their school time-table. Later Samacheer Kalvi has made Yoga Education mandatory in all Tamilnadu schools – affiliated to various educational boards that fall under state administration. Several other states have also made Yoga mandatory in Schools.

Latest to join is Madhyapradesh. MP has gone a step ahead and is in the process of preparing a course curriculum apart from taking steps towards training enough trainers

After school education, Yoga as an educational tool is stepping into the higher education as well. Madras Medical College is taking steps in this direction

The day seems to be not far when Yoga education will be made mandatory not only in schools but also in all Higher Educational Institutions including IITs, IIMs and the likes. This is a welcome and much-needed change to make our burgeoning young population effectively contributing in Resurgent India’s Growth Story.

To make the story complete and journey smoother, urgent steps are needed to ensure that quality trainers are available, who can effectively teach Yoga to Children in a fun-filled environment. Recently The HINDU carried an article on some of the views of stakeholders in taking Yoga to Children

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  1. Our School also give the yoga education.! Your information is very astounding i recommended it thanks..

  2. Dear Zoya Khan,

    You are doing a good job. But suggest you to post only those comments relevant to the post.

    Thank YOU.

  3. Hi,
    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about Yoga School. I always shared your site post with my friends. Keep posting and i will follow you.

  4. My son goes to school in India and I love how he is already learning yoga in school. I think it’s so important for general knowledge that will last them a lifetime. I went to school I. Australia and only found out about the word ‘yoga’ as a teenager.

  5. Yoga can be very beneficial for health of the students. It is good that some states has made Yoga mandatory in their schools.

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