The Story called “SUCCESS”

Rajesh (name changed), an IIM graduate, six digit earning per month, having absolute clarity about where he wants to be in life, 27 years of age, things going quite well… What else does one aspire for? Wouldn’t the parents be happy for having nurtured such an individual? This is success indeed.

Alas! Not.

This guy is facing severe stress these days. Not due to work load at office, but due to health reasons. He complains of bleeding each time he passes out feces. On diagnosis, it was identified that there are ulcers in his colon and it has been damaged very badly. He had very poor eating habits for close to a decade – to achieve academic excellence. While in college he frequently gave long gap between meals apart from regularly skipping breakfast and/or meals. Sleep also has been a casuality. A successful and sought after professional is afraid to get into the toilet. What a Paradox ?!?

This is a common denominator for most youngsters of the current generation – a lifestyle prevalent among children once they enter class nine. The same intensifies on entering prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs and the likes. They get so much used to that kind of life-style, the trend is carried to their professional life as well. Select few are fortunate enough to not fall into this kind of lifestyle trap. The effect of poor lifestyle on physical and hence mental and emotional health is very trivial in the initial stages. The compounding power of money is taught in the school, but they fail to mention that the same principle applies to health as well.

Is academic excellence alone the deciding factor for success in life ?!?

Fill the following grid to verify the truth behind this notion. Some are done for you…





Abdul Kalam





Osama Bin Laden






drop outs

or Uneducated

Rajni Kanth







Who notes them?

This exercise is not to undermine the importance of academic education. The idea is to give academic excellence its right position, in the overall excellence and balance that needs to be achieved. It also is intended to give an appropriate definition to education – which should be man making and life-fulfilling. It is definitely not simply literary or intellectual understanding about scientific facts and figures.

In pursuit of success (Read: money) people increasingly ignore one or more of the following – health, relationships, ethics, values, environment, etc., It was shared in an earlier post, how eight wealthiest individuals ended their life in a pathetic manner. Instances like Rajesh, which we come across more commonly these days, also stand testimony to the fact – financial success is not true success.

Ancient Indian Wisdom prescribes that, at the worldly level, goal of life is to achieve wealth and security (Artha), enjoy rightful pleasures (Kama) in a harmonious manner (Dharma) and remain free from pain and stress (Moksha). The focus here is on the term harmonious manner – Dharma. It is only when we earn wealth and enjoy pleasures in harmony, do we find peace and happiness in life.

Harmony should first be achieved at the individual level and then extended to the societal level. Individual victory can only lead one to collective or inter-personal victory. At the individual level there needs to be harmony between intentions, thoughts, words and actions. The head, heart and hands need to integrate. One way to achieve this is to use the vital force (Prana) to regulate the physical, mental, psychic and intellectual domains of an individual.

Like the cells in a physical body are harmoniously and organically integrated, the members of a society need to be organically integrated to achieve harmony in the society. At the outset, this may seem Utopian or philosophical statement. But, a close observation of the history of civilizations will reveal the truth.

One cell in the body may or may not decide the functioning of its neighbor cell. But it definitely can and does respond in an appropriate manner based on the functioning of the neighbouring cells. Such response alone helps a physical body to remain fit and healthy.

Similarly, we may or may not be able to decide the actions of other elements around us. But we definitely have the ability to make a choice, to prevail upon the choice and decide our response to every situation we are faced with. These choices determine our level of happiness and hence our level of success.

This is the unique blessing of humans… the power to prevail over a choice with the help of WILL.

What are the choices we are making?

How informed are we in making our choices?

How discrete are we in making our choices?

A Happily Successful person is one who makes the RIGHT CHOICES, before exercising his WILL over the choices.

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