Story Writing

Stories are the most effective means to connect to the inner layers of an individual. Story reading can move one to a higher plane of awareness and learning apart from being a source of entertainment. Story writing as a pedagogical tool has an integrated effect on various dimensions of a child’s personality.

Self Awareness and Interpersonal relationships: Stories not only introduce one to his own self, but also brings him closer to those around. Encouraging children to write stories will bring us closer to them because it will give us access to their wonderfully complex inner life.

Writing will give children a sense of themselves, as a person in the world and will give them a voice that they will be proud to share with the world.

As a social being, we all want to belong and feel connected. We want to be able to share our stories meaningfully and to hear other people’s stories in a way that resonates with our own lives. Giving our children the gift of expression at a young age sets them on a path of purpose, intention and engagement.

Story Writing is one of the best ways to not only improve our child’s academic progress in school, but to also improve his self-expression and self-reliance.


Thinking & Communication: In this age of computers, internet and cut and paste, children hardly get opportunities to hone their thinking skills. They miss out on the opportunities to give expression to the beautiful world within. Story writing helps in bringing out a child’ s creative thinking.  It helps them create and strengthen their identities. Writing helps a child develop his critical thinking skills. It helps them understand and communicate complicated ideas.

Children are especially drawn to the incredible power of stories and words, and they are already so naturally living a writer’s life – one of observation, wonder, memory and imagination. A life where, by simply writing something down, you can make it happen.

When children learn to express their thoughts in writing they often display better organizational and communication skills.

Mental and Emotional well-being: The pressures of 21st century have multiple effects on child’s mental and emotional status. Unaware, they often suppress their feelings and emotions. These suppressed emotions often get vented out in a violent form of aggression or move them into a state of aloofness and depression.

By encouraging children to write stories, we can help them vent out the suppressed feelings and develop a more balanced matured approach towards life.

Awaken the Writer within

Ankur is eager to make more friends and give them an opportunity to write stories… and publish them as a book…

If you are studying in school in India… or

If you have a child studying in school in India… or

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