Taking Yoga to (Special) Children – 2

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Yes! We got the seed.

We could… FEEL THE WAY we could take yoga to the special children in a very special way. SEE the seed evolving.

Cutting the long story short

Our centre’s founder Shiva Rishi ji  observed each group of children and the process of analyzing their behavioral challenges began.

We keenly observed the behaviour of a child with a specific disorder. This gave us an overall understanding for giving the yoga practices. In general all the children were taught all the practices in pawanmukthasana part 1 group which are the basic yoga practices with the help of the mothers.

Orientation programmes were given to all the mothers so that they could understand the importance of these practices. Mothers made some positive observations about their children after the implementation of these practices. They observed the improvement in general health, in sleeping and certain behaviours.

With support from MNC (the school for special children), a special yoga program was devised for these children. We identified the parameters where yoga can be of great help to the children and to their mothers. We decided to give a tailor-made yoga program for each child as their challenges are unique and called it IYP (Individual Yoga Program).

Initially the challenges were identified by our centre’s faculty and practices suggested. Over a time, we realised that there is mismatch in teacher’s perspective and parent’s perspective as the child  behaves differently at home and school.

Hence Shiva Rishi ji decided that the challenge levels of each child, for eleven specified parameters, would be identified by the MNC teachers and consensus would be taken from the parents by us, when the IYP is given and explained to the parents.

An IYP form, that has been simplified and perfected over 8 years, clearly idendifies the challenges in a child and practices are suggested accordingly.

For example, if the child continues to drool, then practices like makarasana and chant mmmmm was suggested, so that compulsive closing of the mouth will  help in stopping this habit.

Similarly each challenge was looked into before deciding the program for a particular child.

It is said that small things give big results. Likewise small steps taken over the years helped us build this program which is well appreciated by the parents and MNC as well. Our biggest reward is in seeing some of these children move into regular schools…

With continuous research and development, the growth story continues…

 Jnana Jyoti, Yoga teacher

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