Stop spreading nonsense in the name of Yoga

Do we want to benefit from Yogic Wisdom? or Do we want the capital houses to exploit us in the name of Yoga?

Yoga is a treasure-house of time-tested wisdom handed to us by our ancestors. It can make one’s life meaningful, happy and holistic.

Several traditions of Yoga are in practice today. About a century ago, Yoga was restricted to sages and saints in caves and forests. It was not within the reach of common man. Some people had the opportunity of getting into the depths of yoga. They were blessed with varying experiences. They were convinced that Yoga can be a great to tool to make our lives better. Based on their experience and understanding several traditions and approaches to Yoga emerged to suit varying needs of people. While some traditions focussed on one or two aspects of human personality, some like Satyananda Yoga followed a holistic approach. While some focussed primarily on research, some simply followed what is said in scriptures without going for empirical validation, rare few followed an integral approach.

With emergence of repeated empirical evidences and experiential proofs from across the world on efficacy of yoga, it started gaining popularity. It has reached a stage today where maximum countries in UN had pledged their support to declare June 21st as World Yoga Day. A proud moment in the re-emergence of a great wisdom to make the life of humanity saner, happier and peaceful.

Or is it really so?

Has Yoga become a name or buzz word to make a quick buck in the market place? Has the term Yoga lost its sanctity in the hands of capitalist houses?

No-Nonsense Only Yoga

Are the multitude of yoga trainers emerging in the market place aware of the scope and depths of yoga? Or are they simply trying to make a quick buck by learning a dozen of asanas to proclaim as yoga trainers?

Worse still is the trend to give some nonsense by adding yoga as a suffix to what they have to offer. I was shocked to read in last week-end edition of Times of India about some emerging trends.

People are trying to popularise drugs and smoking in the name of ganja yoga, spreading nudity in the name of nude yoga and what not… Not to mention about some other forms of business products emerging in the name of yoga – Power Yoga, Swimming pool Yoga, etc.,

Can we stop the spread of nonsense in the name of yoga? Probably the question should be how can we stop spreading nonsense in the name of yoga?

Regulating the spread of nonsense in the name of yoga is each one’s responsibility. It is not a service one is doing to Yoga but to themselves and their fellow beings. One has to do a basic research or study, validate the claims of yoga trainers and studios with freely available popular knowledge, exhibit caution and restraint from getting attracted and lured to marketing gimmicks.

Yoga is a valuable science that can make our lives better and let that be so…

Happy YOGA Life…


It’s Now Official – 21st June – World Yoga Day

175 Countries endorsing

June 21 as World Yoga Day

in an international forum

is a testimony to the below facts.

  • Yoga is a science.
  • It’s beneficial for all irrespective of the caste, creed, gender, faith, nationality, etc.,
  • Every individual in the global community need to adapt and integrate it into their lifestyle.
Yoga - Reaching The Heights

Yoga – Reaching The Heights

We Welcome The World Community to embrace Yoga and Be Happy

WYC 2013 – A Milestone in History of Yoga

World Yoga Convention 2013 held at Munger – The City of Yoga, Bihar, India between Oct 23 and 27 will remain a milestone in the History of Yoga.

Bihar School of Yoga has the history of hosting World Yoga Convention once every two decades. Each convention has ushered in a new era in taking Yoga closer to humanity. The current convention was aimed to bring forth a new level of understanding and application of yoga in people’s lives across the world.

General facts and figures about this convention:

  • 2,000 delegates from 56 countries; 12,000 delegates from 22 Indian states and 10,000 delegates from Munger – this convention hosted around 25,000 delegates for five days. Around 15,000 people from 60+ countries watched the proceedings live over the net. With close to 40,000 delegates across the world, participating in a convention held in a small town, that had limited publicity – one can imagine the impact Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) had made in the past 50 years
  • Request for registration was declined to 4,500 delegates for want of accommodation
  • It was Munger’s pride that it hosted all its guests in the most hospitable manner. Co-operation and support of local populace and administration was to the most. This was probably an opportunity well utilised by Munger citizens to express their deepest gratitude to Bihar School of Yoga and Swami Satyananda Saraswati for the contribution they have made in their lives over the past 50 years
  • The delegates were ably guided and supported at all the venues for food, accommodation as also the convention by the volunteers of Bala Yoga Mitra Mandal (BYMM – School Students) and Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal (YYMM – College Students). Most of you must be aware that BYMM and YYMM members not only practice yoga in their daily life, but also teach yoga to other students spreading the message far and wide
  • The way even minutest details were meticulously planned, delegated and managed in a professional way – corporate world and management institutes have a lot to learn from Bihar School of Yoga, BYMM and YYMM in terms of event management
  • The way delegate’s welcome kit, prasad of books and CDs were distributed to the delegates, reminds one of generosity of Karna from Mahabharatha. It is to be noted that the fort area of Munger (where Bihar School of Yoga is established) is said to be Karna’s fort during Mahabharatha times.

Actual program of the convention:

Research papers based on empirical, scientific and scriptural studies were presented and workshops conducted by international experts on all the five days. Impact of various tools and techniques of Yoga on Health, Therapy, Lifestyle, Education, etc., were shared.

Several people who have for long, been associated with Bihar School of Yoga and its other establishments, shared their personal experiences and anecdotes on how Swami Satyananda and Satyananda Yoga influenced their lives.

Swami Niranjananda Saraswati in his own inimicable style, translated the presentations, into Hindi/English as required, so that each and every delegate gets the message that was shared.

Two Principal take-aways from the convention for Ankur:

  1. The depth of understanding and conviction people from outside India have on Yogic wisdom which emanated from India and the extent of systematic study and research conducted by these experts is exemplary and salutary. It is time we in India break the pseudo-secular walls, take to Yogic Life-style with complete Shradda (Faith is a poor translation to this sanskrit word) and give our children in schools, yogic culture.
  2. It is now established through research that Yoga is the most effective tool humanity has, to evolve from its current status. Hence development of Life-skills education based on yogic tools is the future.

Watch out this space closely for more details about the learnings, insights from the studies and Yogic tools for Life-skills education.


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