2014 – The Year That Was – A recap…

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2014 started with a wonderful ten-day trip to Bihar School of Yoga and Rikhiapeeth with 60+ children from 7 schools who participated in Children Yoga Festival 2013 commemorating Golden Jubilee of Bihar School of Yoga.

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This was followed by a grand finale of Children Yoga Festival 2013 and release of Ankur Katha 2013 – a collection of stories by children for children in presence of His Excellency Rosaiah ji, Governor of Tamilnadu.

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Principal’s conclave one each at Chennai and Cuddalore to reach the message of Jiva Vigyan (LIFE-SKILLS education) to the schools with a combined participation from around 60 schools.

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Inauguration of Ankur Kshetra to reach our yoga and life skills programs to common public during later part of the year.

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Inauguration of SSM lecture series by H.H. Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane in December 2014.

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New business associations and collaborations, more schools, educational institutions and bodies in Tamilnadu and neighbouring states evincing interest in our Satyananda Yoga and Jiva Vigyan programs, 2014 has been an overall positive year bringing more hopes for a promising year 2015 ahead.

We at Ankur and BLISS Group are thankful to each one of you, especially Satyananda Yoga family, who made this possible for a bootstrap start-up which was established two years ago to make the future of our upcoming generation happily successful, significantly contributing to the skill force of resurgent India.


Looking forward to your continued support and patronage in the journey ahead.


SSM Lecture Series on LifeSkills education

“Sastra Sagara Mathan”

 “Gems of LIFE-SKILLS education from our scriptures – A journey into the Indian Wisdom”

Milk ocean churning

Ancient Indian scriptures abound with universally applicable life-skills wisdom. Ancient Indians evinced interest in the minds of people from across the world as they excelled in all spheres of life – economics, science, politics, astrology, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, fine arts, philosophy, education, tourism, trade and commerce, etc. by integrating scriptural wisdom into their life-style.

India was a leading world economy till about four centuries ago. Disintegrating our educational system from traditional wisdom by the colonial powers led to loss of national pride and rapid downfall of our society. It is now time to dive deep into this ocean, bring out gems of wisdom and reach this valuable treasure to humanity in an organized structure so that one can learn, understand and apply the same in daily life to be happily successful in pursuit of life’s goals.

“Sastra Sagara Mathan” is an initiative by Beeja – a trust involved in study, research and archiving of traditional Indian wisdom apart from structuring and evolving programs to enhance the life-skills of children of current generation in an enjoyable format. In these sessions scriptural oceanic treasure is churned by the learned to bring out gems of life-skills education and reach it to the education community to ultimately take it to the children in a joyous format.Samudra-Manthan-The-Churning-of-the-Ocean-of-Milk

The plan…

  • A series of lectures are held wherein one scripture/book of wisdom is taken in each lecture and the expert shares stories, concepts, philosophy, tools and techniques mentioned in the scripture under discussion to enhance one or more domains of life-skills in an Individual.
  • The expert then engages in discussion with the teaching community to clarify doubts and explore means of integrating the wisdom into the education system.
  • The conclusions and learning in the session is then integrated into the life-skills curriculum, syllabus, books and other programs & tools.
  • These sessions are held in schools or common venues with school principals and teachers as invitees apart from other educationists.

Ankur is glad to reach out this series to education community.

Requests for holding SSM lectures in your education institution may be forwarded to ankur@blissgroup.com

SSM Lecture Series – Inauguration



“Great things are not achieved by giant leaps overnight but small and consistent step taken over a long period of time”

– anonymous



Pick up an activity and decide a time during the day when you will do it every day for the next 30 days. If there is a break, 30 days shall start from the day you start again.

If you need to inform people in your house you may please do so to ensure that everything falls in place for the next 30 days. If obstacles come, think of ways you can overcome them harmoniously.

At the end of the thirty-day period – scan the changes in you.

  • What has changed in you in these thirty days?
  • How are your organisational skills influenced?
  • How have your communication skills enhanced?
  • What improved in your inter-personal skills?
  • What other changes did you see in you…

Doing this for small things, will help you scale up to larger things in life and be successful.

Teachers seek Life-Skill and Yoga training sessions for them.

Career Opportunity – Trainer In Yoga and Life-Skills

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How to Tap into the Fortune at the Top of the Pyramid?


One can tap into the Fortune at the Top of the Pyramid by developing the intellect – the ability of right discrimination, being conscious of and handling one’s thought process, making right communication, being intuitive and creative, heightened level of awareness are some of the manifestations of awakened Visuddhi and Ajna Chakras. These chakras pavé the way for evolution of intellect – the differentiating factor and unique gift of humanity.

Development of the intellectual potential is determined by the level of evolution in these chakras.

The Sri Yantra described in Indian scriptures has upright triangles and inverted triangles. While the upright triangles depict the gross, the inverted triangles depict the subtle. As the gross fades and tapers at the top, the subtle power manifests stronger.  By depicting both the triangles – upright and inverted in the Sri Yantra, we are advised to keep up the balance between the gross and subtle elements in us and evolve in a holistic manner.

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

True intellectual development and evolution is thus determined by,

the extent to which one evolves in the subtle aspects of creativity, intuition and spontaneity…

The beginning is always at the gross level. The gross intellect supported by inquiry, reasoning and logic should pavé way to the subtle intellect which is developed based on Shraddha (faith). This makes one creative, intuitive and help think outside the box.

The gross intellect is divisive, differentiating, methodical, structured and distinctive by nature and help develop rational thinking. This divisive nature of the gross needs to be balanced by the abstract, convergent and inclusive nature of the subtle intellect.

Breaking the routine, evolution of new ways; through integrated, out-of-the-box approach is an attribute of creativity and innovation. Flying an airplane, conversing over long distances through telephone, data transfer at high speeds, etc., are some examples where man’s life-style has evolved by breaking the pre-existing limiting beliefs in a systematic way.

harmony between the head and the heart…

The general debate about balancing the head and heart is related to the gross intellect of the head and the heart. The heart by nature is all-inclusive and a symbol of love, peace and compassion.

The gross intellect being divisive and distinctive by nature is always in conflict with the inclusive aspect of the heart. By evolving the all-inclusive nature of subtle intellect harmony is established between the head and heart.

balance one achieves in external and internal environments…

external involvement with the world should be balanced with the internal environment. One need to take time to spend with oneself. A few moments of silence and self-introspection everyday helps. Daily journal, meditation and antarmouna practices enhances one’s internal clarity, creativity and spontaneity which manifests as efficient functioning in day-to-day problem solving, decision-making, stress handling, etc.,.

evolving beyond science into the domain of spirituality…

Note the terminology. It is not devoid of science, but beyond science. Rational and inquiry nature of science helps one to understand the hitherto inexplicable ways of nature. Spirituality in one sense may be defined as those aspects of nature not cognizable by senses and hence not available for scientific verification. Scope of scientific knowledge expands by inquiring and experimenting with pre-stated universal and spiritual laws.

An interesting TED talk on the subject…

Science depends on experiments and proofs. Proofs are limited by sensory limitations. To expand the horizons of science, one need to expand the horizons of sensory limitations. One need to develop subtle awareness to dwell deep and evolve beyond sensory inputs. Greatest scientific discoveries have thus happened. Quantum physics, telepathy, psychological science, etc., are some aspects of science which dwell in this space.

CYF 2013 – Grand Finale

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