Welcome… We Value Your Participation…

We are happy to note that several of you have expressed your interest to join us in this journey, and participate by posting in this space. Going by the fact that this blog had been in existence for just around 2 weeks now… the need for

You may post on the following topics

– Stories & Anecdotes

Small and interesting stories and anecdotes drawn from mythology to modern day experiences can be shared in this segment. Each story may end with a message that the author has got from that story or experience. These stories are primarily meant for children and hence necessary may be taken while narrating the same.

– Games & Activities

Interesting and innovative games and activities that can making learning fun and enjoyable may be shared here. Simple, Global and easily implementable ones are encouraged

– Expert’s Speak

This segment will include the thoughts of great thinkers – primarily who have contributed in education space including J Krishnamurti, Swami Vivekananda, Maria Montessori, Swami Chinmayananda, Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Gandhiji, Howard Gardner, etc.,

– Practical Aspects from Scriptures

This segment is intended to include those elements mentioned in Ancient Indian Literature that has relevance and can help in holistic development of children. One may also share their experiences how implementation of these helped them in their life.

– Current Trends

In this segment we intend to cover the developments in the society today – either good or bad. The Bad events may be substantiated with relevant and possible solutions for the problems and what possible actions in education space (particularly K-12) could help in avoiding recurrence of such events. The good events  may include technological developments or ideas of their application, that could probably help in reaching holistic education to children at affordable prices or reporting of positive trends happening in this space and outcomes of such positive policy changes.

In all the categories mentioned above one may look at messages for all stake holders in education space – Parents, Teachers, Students, Education Systems

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