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Ankur… Having its origin in Sanskrit, means A Sprout and represents Growth…

Every seed has its own unique identity, inherent strength and purpose. A Bean seed has all the ingredients to grow and emerge into a bean sprout, grow into a bean plant, flower and produce bean pods. Can we expect a bean sprout to grow and produce mangoes? Just because mango is the king of fruits and everyone loves mangoes, one cannot expect to grow mangoes by sowing a bean seed. For the healthy growth of the bean seed, optimal conditions required for its growth are to be provided at the right stage and time. Else the potential gradually withers and the seed may die without expressing itself. Under some sub-optimal conditions the sprout may emerge, but may wither and die out without growing enough to express its actual potential.

Human beings are also similar. There is a purpose and potential with which each individual comes to earth. This is called his Inherent Strength (Swadharma). Ideal conditions are to be provided at the right time to each child to emerge, grow and express this unique, inherent potential that he is born with.

A seed absorbs water, air and other nutrients from the soil, and thus develops the strength to break the protective barriers of seed coat and other barriers of comparatively hard soil surrounding it, to emerge out into a small seedling/sprout. Similarly, a child absorbs various things from his surroundings and develops the strength to overcome obstacles, emerge and express his actual potential. This process of absorption from the environment may be called as learning.

Just as the right environmental conditions are required for a seed to emerge into a sprout and then grow into its full strength, right environmental conditions are also required for a child to be able to emerge and grow into a mature adult expressing his full potential.

This process of absorption and learning continues throughout his life. But the key learning happens in early formative years. So, it is important to take care in providing optimal learning atmosphere for a child in his formative years.

This process of providing the right learning atmosphere to facilitate the growth of a child into expressing its full potential is the purpose of an ideal educational system. It is the collective responsibility of the education system – parents, teachers, educational institutions, government and society, to provide this environment so that a child learns and grows to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Traditionally India had a storehouse of such information and followed this principle to grow complete individuals. Now times have changed. Needs are changed. Technology and medium of communication changed. However, the basic essence of learning… the core process is always the same as are the essential truths. How do we blend this core and essence of traditional knowledge with modern technological tools and needs to facilitate and fulfill learning needs in the modern age?

Ankur Learning Solutions provide answers to such questions. This space is intended to share and exchange information in this regards.

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