Positive results of yoga nidra

Swami Ameet Malhotra, Occupational Therapist cum Researcher, UK, shares some interesting experiences he had with some of his clients, at World Yoga Convention 2013 held commemorating Golden Jubilee celebrations of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, on 26th October 2013.

“While working in a prison, an inmate came to a class once and then I did not see him again.  Six months later I received a letter saying that, thanks to the yoga nidra, he had given up the life of crime.

In another case, there was a patient who had a stroke eighteen months previously, and who was told that she would never be able to breathe into her abdomen again.  Two yoga nidras later, not only was she breathing into her abdomen, but she was out walking every day in the country side.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra : Photo Courtesy – Triyoga.com

A third case occurred while working with alcohol and substance misuse patients.  One patient had been drinking around eighty units of alcohol a day, and as a result, the staff thought he had done some permanent nerve damage.  After about two weeks of talking to him and trying to build trust, I convinced him that we should do yoga nidra.  The night before, his hands had been shaking so much that he had to have someone help him have a cup of tea.  We did one yoga nidra and as he emerged from the practice, he had a big smile.  He raised his hands up, perfectly still, and he looked at his hands in disbelief.  The consultant psychiatrist said, “What did you do?” I said, “We did yoga nidra”.  He did not know what it was, but I said, “Look, I am writing a paper on it.””

The above is an excerpt from the author’s research paper “The Lived Experiences of Yoga Nidra Practitioners: From Relaxation to Spirituality”, published in Oct ’14 edition of  “Yoga” Magazine by Bihar School of Yoga.

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