Know your thoughts

What do you wake up to, every morning?

Have you ever observed the constant chatter going on in your mind from the moment you wake up till you fall asleep?

Are you aware of what thoughts traverse your mind daily?

It has been scientifically proven that one does not have a big range of thoughts, but a small number of similar thoughts projecting themselves differently all through the day. As we know, our thoughts determine our action, our habits and ultimately our character.

Training gurus recommend that if one can manage thoughts, one can change their destiny.  But how do we manage our thoughts?

First we need to become aware of them.  For the next one month try this out…

Take out five minutes every day. Close your eyes and observe the thoughts that flow in your mind. You need not judge whether the thought is good or bad, right or wrong. You may simply observe the thought as if watching a movie.  At the end of five minutes, you may note down the list of thoughts that traversed your mind.

Doing this exercise for 30 days will help one become aware of their thoughts. Awareness solves 90% of the problem. It makes easier to move to the next step to manage the thoughts and reshape one’s destiny.

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