E3 Communication for Success – Energy of Action

Healthy IO channels are the key to high energy of action. Through consistent practice, confidence is built up which enhances the energy of action. Disciplines like cleanliness, contentment, self-restraint, consistency, etc., helps in keeping your IO channels alert providing impetus to your communication.

Silence is also a tool to activate the energy of action. The mental chatter within has to stop to facilitate smooth flow of thoughts and words. There is a gestation period between communication conception and delivery. Practising silence for some time every day, helps to internalise this skill.

Practice makes a man perfect – preparing well in advance and rehearsing the same in mind before communicating helps remove obstacles and lacunae, if any irrespective of the channel of communication – oral, written or visual.


The pathway for a typical “Call for Action” communication…

Visuddhi chakra is the chakra directly related to oral communication while active manipura chakra helps build confidence. Yogic practices to activate the above chakras are the yogic answer to build energy of action.

Antarmouna practices help purify the chitta (memory), manas (mind) enhance buddhi (intelligence) build positive self-image and enhance clarity in communication.

It is to be noted that various practices and tools mentioned above, chakras and hence the three energies do not act in isolation or in a sequential order. They act concurrently. Practices to activate one energy will also have a positive indirect effect on the other chakras.

These tools learnt under expert guidance along with commonly taught communication etiquettes help one become an effective communicator.

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