E3 Communication for Success – The Energy of WILL

Firstly, both the communicator and receiver should accept and have the will to communicate. When the receiver is in no mood to listen to you, whatever you say will fall into deaf ears. When you do not have the will to communicate you will be very brief and speak in one or two-word sentences. Both the parties should have an open mind, respect for each other, interest in the subject, be in a physical and mental framework to communicate… Simply put…. both parties should agree to communicate.

The communicator has the bigger responsibility to understand these from the listener’s perspective and present the subject in a way that will enhance listener’s interest and willingness to listen.

Choosing the right time and environmental conditions when the listener’s will to listen is high makes difference to the effectiveness of communication. Having high energy levels will help to be aware of and use creative methods to enthuse the listener.

As a listener, high energy levels helps to listen through a very boring communication and still get the message without getting bored 🙂

Perseverance, consistency, discipline and awareness helps one to enhance the above skills. Healthy IO channels also help enhance the levels of awareness and Energy of WILL.

From yogic perspective – Shatkarma practices, Yamas and Niyamas help keep the IO channels clean and healthy. Yoga nidra also directly helps enhance the energy of WILL as it relaxes the entire physical body and clarifies the clutter in the mind. Practices directly influencing higher chakras help enhance overall communication ability.

Such information may look interesting to read and understand through intellect; However, applying the same in daily life by learning under expert guidance helps one appreciate it better.

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