E3 Communication for Success

Imagine yourself…

  • Alone in the middle of an uninhabited island
  • Your eyes, ears, nose, taste and sense of touch are not functioning
  • You are not even aware of the thoughts, emotions and feelings within

How would you feel? How would you describe yourself in that state? You are right… You feel like someone in coma or an inanimate object.

Actually… your input channels of communication from the world are completely cut-off…

Now imagine yourself…

  • In the middle of a big gathering of known people.
  • None of your organs of action – tongue, arms, legs, etc., are functioning.
  • You are not even able to communicate anything through sign language, because you are not able to move any part of your body, not even the eyes.
  • There is a flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions… you are surrounded with people with whom you would like to share them all… alas you are not able to!

How would such a situation be for you? Miserable is a very small word…

Communication gives meaning to your life. Your Input and Output channels (IO channels) of interaction with the external world are the keys to your communication.

More effective the communication, more effective and successful you are in life…

Communication means much more than – body language, knowledge of audience, other etiquettes, tools and techniques which are generally taught in an average communication workshop.

An effective communication involves high e3 – the three energies of communication – The Energy of will, the Energy of knowledge and the Energy of action.

What are these 3 energies? How are they related to effective communication?? How can they lead us to success???…  let’s us discuss that in our future posts…

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