Many people have the question in their mind “Why should we serve others? What do we deserve by serving others? etc.
Aren’t you thankful for being gifted with a wonderful family, home, etc?  In this world everyone is not gifted with  everything. If you serve a person who has no family with love, he will feel happy and loose the thought that he has no family. The smile which he gets because of we serving him, in turn make us happy.
Apart from human beings all living beings can be served. In turn you can deserve many things from them. For example you serve the plant by pouring water; in return you deserve the fresh air given out by the plants.
Not only living beings, even things (non-living beings) can be served. For example, if you keep your surroundings clean. You deserve to sleep in the night without mosquitoes.
I think you all have heard the story of the pigeon and the ant – where the pigeon helps (serves) the ant in the water by throwing a leaf near it. In return the ant bites the hunter who was aiming at that pigeon. In this story the pigeon deserved help for its service. When animals can serve and be deserved, then we (humans) who can do many more things can also serve and be deserved. The only thing we have to do is “serve all”.
The name given in our scriptures, to this attitude of service is Yajna. Our scriptures talk about the “Pancha Maha Yajna” (the five important services) one has to do. They are:
Pitru Yajna – serving Father and ancestors represented by the family ; Manushya Yajna – serving Mankind; Bhootha Yajna – serving All living and non- living beings; Brahma Yajna – reading, spreading and following the wisdom in the Scriptures; Deva Yajna – following Culture and traditions.
I hope you have got the answer for above questions. So Serve and Deserve to be happy.
“Happy Serving :):)!!!!!
– post by Jahnavi Gorantla, class 7, Chinmaya Vidyalaya,  Anna Nagar.

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