What is the cost you are willing to pay to SUCCEED?

Having achieved what you want to achieve, when you look back…

Are you like a lone pillar standing tall but your near and dear ones left behind? Are you successful like a pyramid where the fruits of your success trickles down till the bottom of the pyramid taking cognizance of the contribution of your well-wishers?

You see your children are asleep by the time you reach home. They are off to school by the time you are up in the morning. You see your children grow tall in their bed…

What is the cost you are willing to pay in terms of your relationships while building a successful career?

It is said that most people run all their life in pursuit of money at the cost of their health and in the end spend all the money to take care of their health. Irregular eating habits, poor diet, emotional imbalances, stress-filled life, sleepless nights and sleeping pills… Do these define your lifestyle?

What is the cost you are paying in terms of your health to build a Successful Career? Is it worth?


Your home is clean and hygienic.  The moment you step out you see a huge pile of garbage. You establish a highly successful industry. The wastage from your factory pollutes the land and water bodies around. Put all the gold and money on one side of a weighing scale and the earth on the other. Can all the gold over-weigh the earth?

Industrial revolution, technological advancements, gadgets, etc., have affected the environment to a great extent today. Global warming is posing a serious threat to the existence of many life forms and well established coastal cities and townships across the globe.

What is the cost you are paying in terms of your environment in pursuit of your financial goals?

Financial success, name and fame achieved at the cost of relationships, health and environment… Is this closer to your definition of Success?

Have you defined what success means to you?

What is your definition of success?

To know how we at Ankur define success, please click the linkThe story called Success

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