Value Added Success

A mobile app or mobile model that is developed today lose significance in a few months.

Technology platforms for mobile applications may last slightly longer.

The concept of mobiles has still longer life-line.

Discovery of fire, wheel, time, numbers, etc., probably has longest and widest relevance.

Thinking deeper… we can infer two essential aspects of an achievement/discovery.

  • Its relevance over a time period
  • Its relevance for wider population

More generic an achievement much wider and long-lasting is the relevance. With specialisation, the relevance diminishes. Of course, we are not advocating against specialisation. Specialisation should be inbuilt within generalisation.

You come first in your class, it is a proud moment for you.

You take care of the needs of your family members, your family will be proud of you.

You build enough wealth that will last several generations, your lineage will be proud of you.

You contribute something significant in the field you are involved in, people in the field will be proud of you. All great influencers in different fields like business, sports, music, arts, etc., come under this category.

You contribute something significant to change the face of the society or humanity as a whole, humanity will be proud of your success. Great influencers like Gandhi, Lincoln, Mandela, etc., are examples of such great achievers.

Success and achievement will always begin at the personal level. As one shares the fruits of such success and achievement with more people, their circle of influence expands. By expanding the definition of “I” to include more people from the family, locality and humanity as a whole, one can think bigger, expand their goals and add more value to their success.

Let’s look at a contemporary example… Facebook was initially started for friends in a college to keep in touch. When they realised that the need to keep in touch has much wider applicability, they made continuous and progressive improvisations to become one of the largest used social networking forums globally. Attention is drawn to the fact that founders of facebook were aware and conscious of the needs of the people around. As they quickly adapted, stayed relevant and fulfilled the needs of more people around, value of their success enhanced.

Does this mean that facebook will last forever. May be not… It depends on its ability to adapt, innovate and stay relevant.

Change is the essence. Neither success nor failure is permanent. Whatever you develop or achieve, loses value over a time. As things around changes, the needs also change. For decades typewriter was a very useful tool. Shorthand and typewriting were necessary skills for employment and growth. Today they are no more relevant.

An individual/organisation/discovery should be agile and adaptable to the changing needs to stay relevant and successful for longer time period. Ability to let go is a necessary skill. One need to let go of earlier learnings, beliefs / successful products; be aware of the changing trends; relearn and adapt according to the changing situations to stay successful.

Cultures, religions and civilisations that had this attribute survived the test of time while others perished.

Where do you, your goals and achievements stand?

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