Envision Your Success…

Kunti with clarity in vision mothers and nurtures Pandavas, while Gandhari lacking that vision could not provide right guidance to Kauravas. Kauravas, hundred in number had to ultimately face defeat in the hands of five Pandavas.

A clear vision of what you want to be in life, an awareness of what you really value in life will help you pursue the same and plan a successful career.

An idea of where you want to reach, direction of the wind and your current location will help you steer the boat in the direction of your destination. Lack of either of the above would leave you in the midst of the ocean direction-less.

When we talk of vision there are three elements involved

  1. clear sight – the ability to see what is obvious, visible to the eyes
  2. insight – the ability to read between the lines and understand more than what is obvious
  3. foresight – the ability to see what is non-existent today. It is being imaginative and creative.

Envisioning one’s success is dependent on clarity of one’s vision.

Clarity of one’s strengths and weaknesses (clear sight); an insight into the means of building on the strengths and overcoming weaknesses are likened to being aware of one’s current location.

One’s aspirations and goals are likened to the destination one wants to steer the boat towards. In this context, foresight is extended to the ability to envision the likely direction of winds and making alternate plans (paths) to be implemented based on arising circumstances.

Agility, perseverance and endurance guided by intelligence help one to steer the boat successfully towards the destination.

Daily SWAN habit with periodic analysis helps one to develop clear sight and insight.

Visualization meditations, trataka, etc., help to develop foresight.

Creative intelligence fostered with the strength of yamas and niyamas; a clear understanding of the five forces which keep us going; consistent updation of one’s knowledge; and awareness of the changing situations around provides the required agility, perseverance and endurance.

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