The Two Mothers

Dhritharashtra and Pandu are brothers. Pandu the younger brother was crowned king, as the elder Dhritharashtra was blind. Gandhari, wife of Dhritharashtra also blind-folds herself as she did not want to see the world which her husband cannot see and enjoy. Kunti and Madri are the wives of King Pandu.


Pandu the king of Hastinapur was cursed to die the moment he touches any of his queens. The king was worried that he could not have any children. To provide comfort to the king, Kunti shares a secret about her ability to have children with the help of a boon given by Sage Dhurvasa. Overjoyed with the news, the king immediately requests Kunti to make use of the boon and have children.

Kunti had a clear vision of the kind of children she wanted to mother.

Kunti and the Birth of the Sun God’s Child

She prays to lord Yama, the upholder of Dharma to provide her with a child who would uphold Dharma in the world. She is blessed with Yudhishtra (Dharmaputra).

She then prays to lord of the winds Vayu to bless her with a child who would be as strong as the wind. Vayu blesses her with Bhima.

Next she prays to the ruler of heavens Indra to bless her with a child who is as brave and valorous as Indra himself. Indra blesses her with Arjuna, the warrior.

Kunti then shares the mantra with Madri, the other queen of Pandu, who is blessed with Nakula and Sahadeva by Ashwini devatha twins. Thus Pandu is blessed with five children – pancha pandavas, with the help of his queen Kunti’s clear vision.

Gandhari, wife of Dhritharashtra was pregnant when Kunti was first blessed with Yudhishtra. She was filled with jealousy and could not wait any longer to have her own children. She was worried that her children also cannot adorn the throne. She resorts to short cut methods and mothers hundred children – Kauravas.


Subsequent to King Pandu’s sudden death, Dhritharashtra was crowned the king, as there was no other option. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari were not only physically blind, but mentally blind due to jealousy. They wanted their eldest son to be crowned the next king, even though they knew that, Yudhishtra being the eldest is the rightful heir.

Consequently they played blind to the ill acts of Kauravas guided by the bad company of Sakuni, their maternal uncle. Pandavas suffer repeated humiliation in the hands of their cousins and were ultimatley left with no place even to live. As the story progress, in the fight for justice through the war of Kurukshetra, all the Kauravas get killed in the hands of Pandavas.


Gandhari blinded by jealousy could not provide her children the right direction. She along with her husband exhibited minimum resistance to the wrongful deeds of Kauravas. Consequently, they could taste only short-lived success. Ultimately, they had to face humiliating defeat and death in the hands of their cousins.

With a clarity in vision, Kunti could provide her children the right direction. She taught them to be patient, endure pain, persevere, gain strength and follow the path of righteousness to attain the heights of glory and success.

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