The Leap to SUCCESS

In the journey to search Sita, Hanuman realizes his strength, thanks to his team mates who remind him about his capabilities.  With their encouragement Hanuman decides to leap across the sea to reach Lanka.

Hanuman reaches the top most part of the hill, grows in size before taking the leap. He prays to Lord Rama and flies off with a thud.


A mountain – Mainaka on the seabed recognizes Hanuman as devotee of Rama who is on a journey to Lanka in service of Rama.  He felt Hanuman must be tired and mounts in size so that Hanuman can rest for a while before proceeding with the journey.  He introduces himself as a devotee of Rama and offers his service to Hanuman for rest.

Having known the whereabouts of Sita in Lanka, Hanuman has no time left even for rest and is in a hurry to find Sita.  However, he cannot refuse the help offered by the friendly mountain.  Now there is a challenge – he has to please the mountain who has come up with a friendly offer, but at the same time needs to move forward in his journey.  He quickly puts his feet on the mountain and then leaps back again thanking the friendly offer from the mountain.  Thus he obliged the friend, but did not waste time along the journey.

As Hanuman was almost nearing the coast on the other side of the sea, a huge demon ‘Surasa’ blocks his way.  She says “you cannot move forward without entering my mouth”.  Again Hanuman has no time to waste in fighting with the demon but he is aware that he cannot move forward without crossing the demon.  Hanuman cleverly gets into conversation with the demon and both come to a deal – if Hanuman can get into demon’s mouth and come out safely, then the demon would not come in his way.


Hanuman kept increasing his size.  The demon, with an intent to establish her supremacy, also grows in size with her mouth wide open. Suddenly, in a fraction of second, Hanuman becomes smaller, flies into the demon’s mouth and comes out even before the demon could realize what has happened. Accepting defeat Surasa gives way to Hanuman. Crossing both the distractions, Hanuman finally reaches his destination safely.

Similar to Hanuman’s leap across the ocean, is the journey of any successful person.

All along the path of success, one is faced with difficulties and pleasurable distractions. Both are obstacles along the path of success.

Always being conscious of the goal and aware of distractions, successful people leap forward, cleverly maneuvering through the obstacles – pleasurable or otherwise.

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