Life is a journey along the path of cross-road junctions.

Path of CrossRoad Junctions

Path of Cross-Road Junctions

Each moment we are at a junction… faced with a choice to move into either

–          the path of evolution

–          the path of status quo

–          the path of devolution

The Path of Evolution

All along the path of evolution we are tested with obstacles like Hanuman faced during his success leap across the sea, to make us intelligent and stronger… to help us tread along the path less travelled…

YES… This is a uncrowded pathway…

The Path of Status-quo

Frequently, along the path of status-quo we are given a jerk, to kick us either up into the path of evolution or down to the path of devolution.

Gandhiji was kicked during the train journey in South Africa… and he propelled up into the path of evolution becoming an exemplary leader.

Chanakya was given the kick by Nanda rulers… making him a king-maker. He went on to establish the golden era in the Indian history.

And… there are many who fell down into the path of devolution or simply got along with life till death arrived… disappearing without leaving their mark in the annals of history.

This is the most crowded path… the path of mediocrity…

The Path of Devolution

All along the path of devolution – there is a helping hand reaching out to us.  All we need to do is be aware and catch hold of it.

This is the path filled mostly by people who could not propel up into the path of evolution and fell down.

If we open up and observe carefully… we will find stories of several people around us, who have transformed by catching hold of a compassionate helping hand.

What could be the reasons, attitudes and attributes making one take either of the three paths?

Can we find an answer in the autobiographies of people – famous and infamous ?!?!?!?

Are there time-tested solutions and prescriptions anywhere… so that we can learn

  • from what they call OPM – Other People’s Mistakes?
  • or from OPW – Other People’s Wisdom?

Is there any culture or civilization on earth that has survived the tests of time, so that one can get a clue from there ?!?!?!?!

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