The Five Forces Behind Our Success

The more a tree focuses on strengthening the roots underneath, the taller and stronger it will be able to grow.

The rocks and the ground underneath give way and provide space for the roots to penetrate deeper and hold the tree firm to the ground.

During storms, ability of the tree to withstand the gale winds is determined by the support the ground provides to the roots. On the other hand, cohesive force of the roots provides support to the ground and protects it from erosion. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Neither the ground can hold itself together nor the tree can grow tall and strong without each other’s support.

Existence itself has relevance only in the presence of this cohesiveness. Our existence in this world is also similar.

Five forces in the environment form the ground and basis for us to evolve…

  • Parents, family & friends
  • Fellow members in the society
  • other living (plants, animals, etc.,); and non-living – beings and elements (earth, water, fire, air, etc.,) in this eco-system
  • wisdom handed down by wise men of our ancestry in the form of scriptures
  • traditions and practices of our culture that is evolved over millions of years of testing and evaluation

Feeling and acting responsibly with an attitude of gratitude towards these five forces is the first step we can take as a social being, in building a harmonious relationship with our society.

Whatever and wherever you are in life today, contemplate on…

  • the role played by each of these five forces?
  • your achievements without influence of any of these forces?
  • what you have given back to maintain harmony in these five forces? Have you given back enough? Can you give back enough?
  • what you can do from now to enhance the harmony you enjoy with these five forces?
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