uvAcha Quiz – 9

He was a devotional saint and a cobbler by profession

  1. Tulsidas
  2. Surdas
  3. Raidas
  4. Malukdas

God knows man’s virtues and inquires not his caste, in the next world there is no cast.  This teaching is of

  1. Kabir
  2. Guru Nanak
  3. Chaitanya
  4. Ramananda

Who among the following was an exponent of Virashaiva

  1. Basavaraja
  2. Shankaracharya
  3. Ramanuja
  4. Namadeva

Sriperumbudur, a temple town in South is the birth place of

  1. Adi Shankaracharya
  2. Madhavacharya
  3. Vidyaranya
  4. Ramanuja

Which of the following was a saint of the Bhakti movement in Bengal

  1. Tulsidas
  2. Vivekananda
  3. Chaitanya
  4. Kabir

Answers for uvAcha quiz – 8

(a)    Garba  (b)  Rasleela  (c)  Gujarat   (d)  Kuchipudi  (e)  Bhangra

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