“Ache Din” for Young India’s Education

“Ache Din” (Good days) for education sector and thus for the country is around.

If the multi-pronged approach for holistic education and skill-building continues as per the policy statements, we will be well on the way to building a stronger India. Let us take a look at some major developments in the past couple of months in this direction.

The NDA manifesto promised focus on education sector and Skilling India. After coming to power with an overwhelming majority the new Government under the dynamic leadership of Shri Narendra Modi has made several policy announcements in this direction.

Appointment of Smriti Irani for the responsibility is the first positive step. The sheer determination and conviction with which she handles her projects is a promise for the development of Human Resources in the country.

The President’s address talks about establishment of National Sports Talent Search System. This measure apart from enhancing the sports ecosystem in the country also helps build professionalism, team-spirit and enhance overall personality development among the youth. National Talent Search systems for science, mathematics, geography, etc., has been in force in the country for decades. Now sports education gets this special impetus and hope this will encourage nurture sports talent as it nurtured other talents.

Physiologically it is proven through clinical studies, that involvement of boys in sports, helps them better channelise their youth vigour in the right direction and evolve as stronger personalities. Integrating sports education with the regular academic stream will further aid the process. Sports education along with Life-SKILL education and yoga (These two are already on focus) is a wonderful combination for holistic evolution of children. Let’s hope the new establishment’s National Education Policy will do much more for furthering these steps.

Prior to the budget presentation, economy survey identified primary education and skill development as the twin challenges for our country. Addressing this challenge the Modi Government has announced SKILL INDIA Program in the budget speech. National multi-skill mission to enhance skilled labour in various sectors of the economy has multiple benefits like – enhanced employability levels of our youth, improve the GDP through efficient utilisation of the labour, enhance the quality and standard of living and propel the country into developed economy status. Effective implementation of this program is the key deciding factor in this direction.

In June, India gained permanent membership in Washington accord which provides our engineering graduates, recognition for their educational qualification in all the signatory countries. This means better employability opportunities for our graduates.

Another Good news is wide spread acceptance of the CCE pattern of assessment and evaluation introduced by CBSE. Not only are more schools opting for CBSE education due to this initiative, more state education boards are also introducing CCE pattern of evaluation. Slowly but steadily we can see all education boards – state and national boards, inching towards a common pattern of education, assessment and evaluation which is holistic and child-centric.

Truly Ache Din Aage Hain… Good Days are Ahead…

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