Measuring Spiritual Evolution

As discussed in yesterday’s post, we cannot measure spiritual quotient similar to the way we do with intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, etc.,

This however can be experienced at the personal level, is very subjective and not for comparison with others. We share below some indicators of spiritual evolution… As mentioned they are only indicative for self-awareness and there are no right or wrong answers…

  • You hear some bad news…
    • an environmental disaster or catastrophe in the other end of the planet. None of the people known to you live there. But still… what kind of feeling it leaves in you? Does that move you? Do you stop a moment and pray for them? or think for them
    • about a person whom you love and are closely attached with. How do you respond to that challenge? Do you get emotionally down or become a source of strength to that person?
    • about someone you are not comfortable with. What is your initial response? Do you feel glad that he had to face that? Do you feel he deserved that? Do you feel sorry for that person?
  • You hear some good news…
    • about someone whom you are not comfortable with or some one whom you hate. What are the feeling that arise in you? How do you respond to that situation?
    • about the success of your competitor, in school or workplace… What are your initial thoughts and feelings about the progress of that person/organisation?
    • about a stranger’s success… Do you feel happy for that and congratulate him/her? Do you feel that you or someone close to you could not achieve that success?
  • On your way to the office in the bus or the train or in the lift, you meet a person who is hurt or wounded… Do you stop a moment to enquire about him? Do you feel sorry for that person within but keep quiet? Are you pre-occupied about something and does not have the time to think about that person?

The list is not a comprehensive one and can go on…

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