Fullness and Oneness

Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is defined as the ability to act in harmony with the world around and be in balance, realising the “Fullness” within and “Oneness” without.

A cell – an independent functional unit in the organism, acts in the interests of the organisms’ wellness. A cancerous cell violates this principle resulting in ultimate destruction of the organism including the cell.

The cell’s identity is because of the organism. A link exists across all the cells making them a unifying force of existence – the organism. This link while also helping the cell to act in cohesion with the organism, gives it the freedom to act independently. This link – the unifying force, gives a sense of fullness to the cell. This fullness exists only as long as the cell respects the link. Thus the cell is at once, both Independent and United with the organism.

Similarly an individual – an independent functional unit in the universe is free to act according to his will (expression of fullness within) and be in a joyous state by being in harmony with the outer world. All living beings, by default act in adherence to the universal laws, because they don’t have the free will. Humans are the only species which has the privilege of freewill and hence by default has the responsibility to act according to the universal laws. Freedom comes with responsibility.

Unlike other quotients of human personality, Spiritual Quotient is more experiential and cannot be measured. Growth and Evolution in the spiritual domain of human personality is experienced as a feeling of expansiveness, happiness, joy and peace; and expressed as love and compassion one has towards the fellow beings – living and non-living in the world around.

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