The Journey of a Wave

The first rays of sun are pushing aside the clouds and popping out to say Hello to the ocean.  The birds are chirping around.  There is a gentle breeze from the sea.

Ankur and Rishi are at the beach enjoying the awesome treat to all the senses.

At the Beach

Rishi asks “Ankur, do you want to listen to what the waves are speaking?”

Ankur is excited. “I would love to”

Rishi gently waves his hand over Ankur; Ankur starts hearing the voice of the waves.

A tiny wave which is just born is excited. It shouts “ Hey! It is so exciting.  I am growing bigger and bigger. It is so nice to watch the sea from here. The higher I am growing more wonderful is the scenery and Wow! This tingling sensation of the sun’s rays. I love this experience.”

The wave turns around and looks at the bigger wave in front of it.  It is disappointed.  It wonders, “if only I could grow that tall, that big, it would be fantastic.  The lucky one has grown so tall and majestic. I need to become like that as well.”

Soon the little wave forgets the tingling senses of the sun’s rays and the majestic scenery behind it.  It starts running behind the big wave trying to become taller than that.  It is now anxious and restless to reach the heights of the bigger wave.  The more it rises, the bigger wave in front of it rises higher.  It suddenly starts getting jealous of the bigger wave and wishes that the wave falls down so that it can be the most majestic and tallest of the waves.


Its prayers are answered.  The big wave reaches the shore and Splash! it gets grounded.  The smaller wave is now very happy.  It is the tallest wave and is still growing higher and higher.  There are so many waves behind it which are much smaller.

It now starts enjoying the majestic beauty of the ocean from the greatest heights.  It now started wondering… “if only I had been able to enjoy my entire journey? the sun has also moved higher!?! Oh! The tingling sensation is no more”  With these thoughts in the mind, the tiny wave now the tallest wave in the sea turns around and alas it starts to fall down and in a fraction, Splash! it comes down touching the shore.

As it came down touching the shore, the wave wondered… “how short-lived the height of success is! It would have been good had I enjoyed the journey to the fullest, instead of getting jealous and agitated all along!”

Ankur turns towards Rishi.  “Now I understand why you are always so calm and composed.  Thanks for the wonderful experience Rishi.”

Rishi Smiles. 🙂

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  1. Gayathri

     /  July 14, 2014

    Nice Story:)


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