Know Your Thoughts


Thoughts lead to Actions

Actions lead to Habits

Habits lead to Character

Character lead to Success

To be successful, we need to manage our thoughts.

Knowing the thoughts is the first step in managing thoughts.

Let this first step be the SKILL for this month… This first step has several sub-steps… 🙂

  • Sit in a silent place or a place with least disturbance.
  • Set an alarm for five minutes (if needed).
  • Close the eyes and start observing the flow of your natural breath.
  • Now take the attention to your thoughts.
  • No interference, No judging… Just Observe Your Thoughts. Be a witness.
  • At the end of five minutes – Jot down all the thoughts that came to your mind in those five minutes.
  • You may not remember all the thoughts and that’s fine. Over time you will be able to better.

Over time you will be able to develop this as a natural skill… know your thoughts as you perform an action.

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