Music of the Fishes

A very pleasant cool morning breeze, birds chirping around, first rays of morning light emerge from behind the clouds to say hello to their lotus friends in the still lake.

Ankur and Rishi are on a stroll along the pathway by the side of the lake. Rishi glances towards the east, mesmerised by the beautiful painting on the morning sky takes a deep breath, eyes closed in tranquility… says “Thank You Lord for another wonderful morning!” and settles down enjoying the musical movement of fishes in the still lake.

“Whaw! that’s a wonderful sight, Rishi? We could not see all these fishes and colourful pebbles last night.” exclaimed Ankur


“You are right” agreed Rishi

“It is really pleasing to see this. Even though we were enjoying all the fun last evening, the tranquility and clarity of the morning lake is more enjoyable. What do you say Rishi?”

Both their glance fell on the water sporting boats, etc., at a distance on the other side of the lake.

“Last evening we were all blind to the beauty of the lake. We were busy with the sporting equipment, boats, etc., We could hardly see the bottom of the lake, what with the waves and mud spread all over.” explained Rishi

“Can I say, similar was the state of the mind. We were happy enjoying all the sports, games and activities around blind to the beauty and stillness of the mind.” asked Ankur

“You are right. The senses then were completely involved with the outer beauty, blind to the inner stillness and tranquility.” completed Rishi.

“Is this the reason we feel real happy and fresh early in the morning?” Ankur inquired further

“Just as the waves die down, mud settles and fishes come out to the top happily in the morning… thoughts die down and stillness of the morning calm makes the mind filled with peace and tranquility. In this state mind emits more alpha waves, has clarity and is more receptive” clarified Rishi

“Alpha waves! what are they?”

“Scientists have identified that our mind emits various kinds of thought waves. Alpha waves are the kind of waves which denote clarity and calmness. In this state the mind is clear, able to go into its depths, highly intuitive, creative and receptive. It is God-like or we may say closer to God”

“Is this the reason early morning hours are called as Brahma Muhurtham?”

“You may say so.”

“Then, this state exists even after doing Yoga Nidra. Then, is it right to call the period after doing Yoga Nidra also as Brahma Muhurtham

Rishi smiles and nods in agreement.

“If we are able to keep the mind in alpha state for most part of the day, children can study well and get good marks, adults can be more effective in their work, everyone can be aware of why they are doing what they are doing and there will be more harmony and peace around.”

“You are right, Ankur” Rishi smiles.

“Then, why aren’t people like that?” asks Ankur slightly disturbed.

“That is a much deeper and broad subject. Let us discuss that on some other day. For now… You can decide and be in an alpha state.”

Ankur smiles and gets immersed in the music of the fishes… Happily…!

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