Jiva Vigyan – a confluence of the illuminati

Emerging Trends in LIFE-SKILLS Education – Contribution of Native Wisdom

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“The ideal therefore is that you must have the whole education of our country, spiritual and secular, in our own hands and it must be on national lines through national methods as far as practical”        – Swami Vivekananda

Ancient Indian scriptures abound with universally applicable life-skills wisdom. Ancient Indians evinced interest in the minds of people from across the world as they excelled in all spheres of life – economics, science, politics, astrology, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, fine arts, philosophy, education, tourism, trade and commerce, etc. by integrating scriptural wisdom into their life-style. India was a leading world economy till about 4 centuries ago. Disintegrating our educational system from traditional wisdom by the colonial powers led to loss of national pride and rapid downfall of our society.

At this juncture when educational boards – CBSE, ICSE and state education boards are attempting to implement life-skills in education by giving enough weight-age to these skills in the grading pattern, there is a need to reach to the depths of this wisdom, revive and reach it to children with appropriate tools and methods as suited to the needs of 21st century.

Jiva-Vignan is a confluence of the illuminati – Principals and educationists of Chennai schools to create a path of light, life and wisdom in this direction. The confluence is aimed to stimulate thoughts in this direction among education heads and led by panelists who are authorities in our ancient wisdom with hands on experience in implementing.

Beginning with the end in mind… The program is an opportunity for the principals and educationists to share knowledge, experiences, learning, ideas and take back practically implementable ideas and tools to empower children.

The program shall be inaugurated Dr K Rosaiah His Excellency The Governor of Tamil Nadu on 19th April 2014.

In the current inaugural edition of Jiva Vigyan luminaries from Bihar School of Yoga share their wisdom and experiences in using Yoga as a tool for nurturing Life-Skills in children.

Apart from panel discussion, this session also includes paper presentation by the principals of Chennai schools on the topic “My experience in implementing Life-Skills in education” and more…

Look out for the April edition of uvAcha to learn more about the event and its outcomes…

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  1. Stimulating blog post. Will you send me to more of your blogposts?


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