Satsang with Swami Satsangi

Lots of questions in the young minds…

“When the student is ready the teacher arrives”

Swami Satsangi, Peethadheeswari of Rikhipeeth, Jharkhand clarifies the doubts in the minds of children, teachers and parents alike.

“What is Tantra?”

“What is in a Mantra?”

“What is Panchagni Tapas?”

“How to find my Guru?”

“Why do Sadhus wear saffron robes?”

“Why poverty in such a culturally rich and wisdom laden Country?”

CYF 2013 team of 90 members from Chennai representing Children, Parents and Teachers from 10 schools take part in a Satsang with Swami Satsangi at Rikhia peeth.

Listen to Swamiji’s answers to above questions and more in a simple and effective language, within easy reach of young minds…

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