Balancing Creativity and Application

Children should move from rote learning to application oriented learning. This latest move by CBSE to provide formulae in question papers and avoid formula derivations as part of the questions for evaluation, is a step in this direction which however is to be welcomed with caution.

While application oriented learning helps in application of technological developments in daily life, creativity and innovation is spurted. It also affects the development and utilisation of human brain negatively.

Calculators and computers make computing and analysis easier and faster. But it had greatly reduced the mental computation capabilities in children.

Come mobile technology gone are the memory skills to remember numbers.

Technological tools – note pads, computers, etc., reduced the need for hand-written assignments and evaluations. It is an established fact that writing helps to stimulate various parts of the brain – especially in early developmental years.

SMS and chatting apps is negatively influencing spelling and grammatical skills development in children.

Talking in technological terms… As much as it is important to develop apps for making life easier for the user, it is important to develop creativity in minds to develop the apps.

Balance is the key. While initiatives like OTBA, etc., help to hone analytical, critical and application oriented thinking skills; derivation of formulas, etc., will help to develop divergent thinking skills and stimulate innovation skills in the young minds. Caution is to be exercised so that both are balanced.

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