Manifesting Vitality – VQ

Vital health / high vitality quotient is reflected as effective functioning of other faculties of human personality – body, mind and intellect. Vital energy is the life-giving force and a means to regulate and co-ordinate between them. Vitality is manifested in three domains as:

  • Energy of WILL (Ichcha Shakthi) – endurance in the mental faculty
  • Energy of KNOWLEDGE (Jnana Shakthi) – clarity in Knowledge domain, intellectual faculty and
  • Energy to ACT (Kriya Shakthi) – effectiveness in Action, physical faculty.

Any work we undertake involves a goal, the means and real work done.

Goal is the function of mental faculty where the desire arises. Will Power is the ability to transcend desires arisen out of sensory impressions and manifest our deepest aspirations in action. Desires arisen out of sensory impressions are not born out of free choice. True will power is the ability to transcend such desires and obstacles, endure and persevere for attainment of the deepest aspirations born of free choice.

A well-developed Ojas (a form of pranic energy) provides for endurance and will power.  Ojas is related to the grosser water element among the five elements.  Ojas is the primal vigor or vitality energy that preserves the essence of digested foods, impressions and thoughts. It provides a sense of calmness, nourishes and supports the higher states of consciousness, thus enhancing the capabilities of perseverance and endurance. 

Once desire or a goal is established, we need to have clarity on the means to achieve the goal. This is primarily the function of intellect – knowledge faculty. Clarity here is the intelligence or ability to discriminate the appropriate from the inappropriate towards attainment of the objective.  This clarity is provided by the Tejas element of pranic energy.

Tejas is related to the fire element and Ajna Chakra at the mental level. It is the inner radiance through which we digest the impressions and thoughts and develop higher perceptual capabilities. This is the guiding force for all the other chakras and indirectly manifests as effectiveness in all other domains of human personality.  A well-developed Tejas also help burn the inappropriate desires entertained by the will and acts as the guiding force for the will.

It is to be noted here that various domains of human personality – body, prana, etc., do not act independent, exclusive of each other. They are closely connected and the boundaries for their functionality are not clearly drawn. The classification of manifestation of vitality in different domains is done only for gaining a better understanding. Causing change in one domain will affect other domains as they function parallel. For example, high tejas enhances clarity, purifies the desires, enhances endurance and perseverance(an aspect of ojas). On the other hand perseverance in action coupled with awareness will provide for clarity and develops tejas… With this understanding let us now go ahead to discuss the third aspect where prana manifests – Energy of Action…

Once a goal is decided and there is clarity on path to be taken, the next step is to put the plan into action.  This is guided by Prana element of the pranic energy. Good supply of Prana to the organs of action will provide the physical body with energy to act. While the asana practices help in clearing the blocks along the energy pathways in the body, pranayama practices help better distribution of pranic energy to all parts of the body. Action can also mean mental action. In such case, mind is the place of action and pranic energy is diverted for its functioning. We have already seen that thoughts also consume pranic energy. 

The other ways in which vitality is manifested are:

Handling problems:

The Prana allows the mind to move and respond to challenges of life.  Tejas handles it to perceive and judge accordingly while Ojas gives patience and endurance that provides psychological stability to overcome the problem.

Handling emotions:

At emotional level, Prana provides for emotional harmony, balance and creativity.  Tejas gives courage, fearlessness and vigor, helping accomplish extraordinary actions.  Ojas provides peace, calmness and contentment.

Imbalance in Prana, Ojas and Tejas:

Prana is responsible for enthusiasm and expressions in the psyche, lack of which leads to depression and mental stagnation.

Tejas governs mental digestion and absorption, lack of which leads to lack of clarity and determination.

Ojas provides psychological stability and endurance, lack of which leads to anxiety and mental fatigue.

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