Awakening Call of Golden Yoga Tradition (ACOGYT)

GIVE your Children, Family, Friends, Colleagues and the Society


Yoga has gained global recognition. Every year millions of people are flocking to India from every nook and corner of the world, with the hope that they will get a spiritual insight from this wonderful tradition. The flag of Satyananda Yoga flutters in almost every country in the world. The sentiments and experiences that were shared by yoga experts of the Bihar School of Yoga from 56 countries during the World Yoga Convention, proved that Satyananda Yoga has successfully transformed the lives of millions of people globally.

The roots of this tradition began from Tamilnadu, India. Satyananda Yoga Centre, wishes to bring Satyananda Yoga practices and the living wisdom of this Golden Tradition to every household of Tamilnadu. This is the aim of ACOGYT.

You can convene an experiential workshop or lecture session in any forum of which you may be a part. 50 topics under – Yogic Management of health disorders, Yoga for Professionals, Yoga for Parents and Teachers, Yoga for Children, Yoga – a way of life, Yoga and Spirituality are enlisted here. You can choose to have the session on any one of these topics. Let the wisdom of yoga touch the lives of your kith & kin. Let it transfer lives of your people.

For more details about ACOGYT visit
The ACOGYT sessions can be conducted at homes, offices,
associations, clubs, hospitals, schools, colleges.
Practically any place where people have an hour to GIVE!
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