Research findings on Efficacy of Yoga Nidra in UK

Ameet Malhotra (Jignasu Ramdas) is a Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist and Researcher at Satyananda Yoga Centre, Nottingham, UK

Jignasu Ramdas has worked in a number of environments, including prisons, neurological rehabilitation hospitals and substance and alcohol misuse detoxification units, teaching yoga and the practice of yoga nidra in particular.

He is a researcher and shared his research findings, on lived experiences of Yoga Nidra and its potential use in rehabilitation of patients with a variety of neurological and trauma related illnesses, during World Yoga Convention 2013 at Munger, Bihar. Some of the findings are provided below:

  • A prisoner gives up life of crime due to the effect of Yoga Nidra
  • A prisoner with 20% nerve damage due to alcohol abuse, used to experience shivering of hands even with slightest of movements. Just after one session of Yoga nidra he felt relaxed and the shivering was gone. He experienced his crimes (guilt) leaving his body through the hands during yoga nidra practice. This provided him relief.
  • A relieved patient’s statement – “TV is a distraction, drinking not an option, Yoga Nidra instead” and this gave him great relief.
  • A patient shared… Pursuant to the practice I had a feeling of being more important, better connected with the body and felt spaciousness
  • Several prisoners’ stories where they experienced compassion fatigue and stress-release was shared.
  • Several prisoners and patients with neurological illnesses had profound and real experience of relaxation
  • People were unable to clearly explain but they shared a feeling that it (Yoga nidra) changed them somewhere in their life

These are but a filtered list from a filtered list of research findings Jignasu Ramdas shared during the convention. Hope this wonderful tool is reached to every child in our schools to nurture holistic growth.

Varsha Vivek, 12th Std topper in CBSE during Mar 2013 exams attributed her academic success to the practice of Yoga nidra. She claims that Yoga Nidra helped handle her mood swings, need for sleep and stress effectively.

Can you remember of a child in your kith and kin who is experiencing stress? Do you want to reach out this news to him/her?

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