The Power of Words

To understand the power of word and appreciate the ancient Indian perspective let us take a quick peek into these aspects we have discussed earlier…

  • Gross and Subtle Bodies: The physical body perceived by the senses is the gross body, while the aspects of our personality – thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, wisdom etc., not perceivable by our senses make up the subtle body. These two are connected by the vital link – the vital life force or vital energy or pranic force.
  • Source of Vitality: Sunlight, Water and fresh air are rich sources of vitality because of high amounts of prana/pranic energy in them.
  • Negative Ions: Experiments have proven that negative ions in the air is directly proportional to the pranic energy. Negative ions make us feel calm and composed. High levels of pranic energy in our body attracts the negative ions towards us and make us calm and experience peace.
  • When we are surrounded by positive people, things and situations we feel good. Positive words make our day while negative ones disturb us.

The above aspects are applicable to humans and to every manifest object in this world – sentient or otherwise declare ancient Indian scriptures. However this is manifested according to the level of evolution – plants, animals reaching a peak stage in human beings. We know of experiments by Bose that prove pain and emotions felt by plants. Plants are in a primitive stage of evolution and need experiments to prove, in humans it is obvious.

This is true even with insentient objects. Experiments with water demonstrated in this video prove the fact water also include a subtle aspect or subtle body not easily perceivable by human senses. The way water crystals respond to different words (read: moods and feelings) is shown in Dr Emoto’s experiments.

Now time for some insights into aspects mentioned in our scriptures based on these experiments:

Pray before you eat: Food we eat has subtle body and carries the moods and feelings of all people in the chain through which it passes before reaching our plate. Hence offering food to God and chanting prayers before consuming is a way to neutralise /nullify the negative thoughts and moods it carries. Water being a necessary element in all forms of food as well as our own physical body, we now understand the significance of prayer before meals. This is a practice prescribed by almost every culture and religion in the world.

Satsang (Company of the Good): Being in the company of Good – people, books, etc., is prescribed to keep us in a positive framework of mind.

As we read or listen to people around, the words reach and influence water molecules in every cell of the body. This creates a change not only in the physical body but also in the subtle body of our thoughts, emotions and moods.

The modern world is filled with lot of negativity around breeding more negativity – a vicious cycle. Daily newspaper starts our day with bombardment of negative news. TV channels continue the effect with sensational news (read: negativity blown out of proportion). Not to mention of office and neighbourhood gossips and politics which complete the cycle. This explains how the continuous bombardment of negative words through the day breeds stress and pain in modern world.

If we surround ourselves with positive words by being aware and conscious of what we read, what we watch, people we move around with and words we speak we can break the vicious cycle and start a virtuous cycle of positive words breeding positive, making our world more peaceful and joyous.

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