Vitality Quotient (VQ)

Scenario 1 :

You would have watched a video / experienced the effects of a cyclonic storm, a tsunami, a river in spate, chaotic mobs in demonstrations and agitations, fans jumping with lots of energy during cricket or football match.

Scenario 2 :

You would have also watched a video / experienced the effects of a dance performance, a music recital or chorus singing all happening according to a rhythm and theme, a flock of birds flying, controlled flow of water through dams, etc.

There is a lot of energy involved in both the scenarios.

While in the first, the energy is dissipated with negligible positive consequences, the second scenario depicts rhythmic and systematic flow of energy in a disciplined way with positive consequences.

While the first scenario depicts excitement and anxiety, the second depicts vitality.

More than presence of energy and its mobility, the way the energy is channelized and utilized determines vitality.

There may be a need to show anger, protest and agitate.  However only if the energy and anger are channelized in a proper way, the protest can yield a positive result by undoing the wrongs around.

Vitality Quotient (VQ) is defined as the ability to enhance, store and channelize the vital energy effectively for harmonious interaction and management of other domains of human personality – physical, mental and intellectual, in pursuit of life-goals.

Gandhiji is a testimony for high VQ.  A person with high VQ has a strong bridge -the vital link between the gross (physical) and subtle (mental, emotional and intellectual) bodies. Such a person is better able to maintain homeostasis in all the realms – Physical, Vital, Mental, Emotional and Intellectual.

Excited and chaotic agitations on the other hand is like a sudden outburst of a storm or tsunami, where the energy is dissipated in all directions and go waste.

Channelising the energies appropriately by enhancing the Vitality Quotient is the secret behind effective and successful execution of a project or task.

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