Young adults explore making Passion, a Profession

Are you pushing your child to become an engineer or a doctor or an MBA graduate so that they can lead a happy life.

While these professions are needed in the society and cannot be termed as bad career paths, they are not the only career paths available.

These days we come across more career paths like RJs, DJs, acting, performing arts, sports, training etc., gain more popularity and acceptability. Society needs professionals and experts in all walks of life.

Passion, satisfaction and happiness in pursuing a career is more important to lead a stress-free and meaningful life than the career choice itself, claim experts.

It is glad to note that increasing number of young adults are exploring to make their passion a profession.

Is this a call for the parents to recognise this trend and support their child excel in their chosen path and be happy in life…?!?!?

Is this a call to reduce suicidal deaths of children in IITs, IIMs and the likes…?!?!?

Is this a call for parents and guardians to LISTEN to their wards and THEIR CHOICES before advising them on their career option…?!?!?

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