Empowering Transformation

Transformation of an egg to a caterpillar to a chrysalis (pupa) and ultimately to an adult butterfly is clearly visible to the naked eye.

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The transformation of a just born baby to a kid to a teenager to a young adult to a responsible global citizen is not obvious. The growth in physical size is noticed, but the mental transformation within is often clouded.

Nature takes care of the transformation of both butterfly and humans at the physical level.

Human being at the height of evolutionary cycle has a well-developed mind and hence is to be empowered with right tools to manage the mind and make sure the mental transformation is smooth and joyous. Nature has a limited role in this as manifestation of human WILL plays a significant role.

We are living in a fast changing highly competitive global environment. One cannot change the world around. But one can definitely change the world within so that the journey without is happy and harmonious. Empowering oneself for this is called as life-skills education.

The article in this link elaborates on the current status of children transforming from a teenager to a young adult. This is one crucial period of transformation in one’s life. Counselling is a necessary tool which provides immediate solution, but is mostly temporary. We definitely need long-term solutions for overcoming this.

This article elaborates on the change happening in the recruitment place in IT industry to make sure that only empowered people are appointed. Internship is the path taken to help fresh graduates transform into responsible employees. This is another important phase of transformation, the third important turning point before one becomes a completely independent adult. A life-skill education at the school level should include inputs to make sure that all the three turning points in one’s growth phase are taken care of.

Traditionally Indian education system was inclusive of a truly holistic life-skills education. World’s first premier universities like Nalanda and Taxila attracted students from across the globe. These institutions and various other gurukuls in India churned out geniuses who went to the pinnacles in all spheres of life – science, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, politics, religion, etc.,

Introduction of western system of education and gradual erosion of basic tools from time-tested traditional Indian education system is the cause for the status of society today. It is glad to note that the educational boards are waking up to this lacunae and introducing changes to get back to our roots.

Introduction of life-skills education as part of the curriculum is one step in this direction. At this juncture, it is necessary to make sure that newly introduced life-skills education digs into the depths of Indian wisdom and include necessary tools to nurture all facets of human personality – physical, vital, mental, intellectual, spiritual, social, finance and career to suit the 21st century needs.

Such life-skill education can only be a truly empowering education leading to empowered transformation, evolving confident and empowered global citizens

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