Co-scholastic skills delivery in schools – trends and need in the domain

Support from the corporate in terms of sponsorship, increasing number of parents recognising sports as a career option, better participation and winning of olympic medals – all these point to a positive trend in sports education in the country.

Education boards acknowledge this changing trend and appreciate the fact that sports can be a medium for holistic development of a child. Boards today give credits for sports performance and integrate it into overall academic performance grading of a child.

However, handful of schools are empowered with qualified and quality teachers and ability to provide a positive atmosphere to the child to excel in sports. Sportsmen with entrepreneurship spirit are today working hard to be a complementary support structure for schools to transfer sports skills to the students. Click to read a report on this trend where schools outsource sports education. This however is just a tip of the iceberg. Sports education is crying for its due. This report from THE HINDU highlights this point.

The scenario is not much different in other fields. Co-scholastic education on its whole has started gaining importance  in the past few years.

For the schools to cope with other administrative pressures, it makes sense that they focus their energies on scholastic education, where they are better equipped, empowered and their core strength lies. Outsourcing services from domain experts for co-scholastic domains like sports, music, art and craft, dance, life-skills, yoga, etc., is the right approach in imparting holistic education to children.

In this background, there is a need for evolution of a forum with following primary objectives:

  • knowledge exchange
  • develop standards for assessment and evaluation in various domains
  • periodic assessment and development of skill availability in various domains vis-à-vis the need gap
  • research and development of curriculum, syllabi, etc., in an integrated way for the overall benefit of all stake holders in the system
  • one-stop contact point for all schools to outsource the required services

Other objectives may be added to the list…

In short, this forum will act as other existing industry associations for the overall benefit of the industry.

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