Turning Point – Career Guidance Lecture and Workshop

Burgeoning younger generation who are set to contribute to majority of global work force by 2020, low employability levels of Indian graduates across streams, emerging holistic approach towards education in both school and higher education space in the country is throwing up a huge demand of skilled trainers for Yoga and Life-skills. This being a newly emerging trend the current availability of skilled people in this field is negligible vis-à-vis the demand.

To help fulfill this gap, Ankur is presenting to colleges “Turning Point”. This is a two stage event involving a one-hour orientation lecture and a one-day experiential workshop to educate college students, especially those from the arts and science streams, on the importance of life-skills, current trends and emerging opportunities to build a career in this space.

This program was successfully launched in Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Arts and Science College for Women on 12th December 2013. Experts with around two decades of experience in this field facilitated the program.

The orientation lecture on 12th Dec was experiential and reached to around 1000 enthusiastic participants.

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The introductory session was followed with a one-day workshop on 17th Dec 2013. This event apart from educating them on emerging career trends in the market place also empowered them with essential life-skills and some tools to be successful in this highly competitive world. The participants found the program very useful with all rating the event above 9 on a score of 10.

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What the participants had to say about and the take-away from the session…

I like this class and I love the way they handled” – S. Lakshmi

It is useful for my life” – P. Lavanya

I will share my learning with my friends, parents and neighbours” – B. Sumitha


“Many important aspects about our life, environment, society, etc.” – P. Lavanya

The importance of 7 domains was very interesting and useful” – Ranju Kumari. V

Importance of 7 domains and yoga.  Happiness, energy and enthu are the gains and I take away that” – P.D.Jyothi

This life skill program is very useful and interesting” – L. Latha

The events were facilitated by Shri Balaji Gorantla, Founder – Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, Shri Jeyagopal, Advisor – Ankur Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, and trainers from our knowledge partner Satyananda Yoga Centre – Smt Uma Jeyagopal and Smt Sumitra Vivek

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