The Secret Behind Hanuman’s Strength

Ankur: Hi Rishi!

Rishi: Hi Ankur. How are things going on?

Ankur: Great!

Rishi: What’s the plan for the day?

Ankur: Need to help a friend with his school project.

Rishi: That’s Good. What’s the project about?

Ankur: Making models on the theme “Secret behind Hanuman’s strength”

Rishi: Whaw! So, How are you planning to help him?

Ankur: Learn the story from you and help him with ideas to make the model.

Rishi: Ha!!! Is this an order or a request?

Ankur: You are my Best Friend Rishi and you know I need not request friends for help. My friends are always ready to help me.

Rishi (Smiles): OK Friend. Here you go… You know that Rama helped Sugriva regain his kingdom by defeating Vali.

Vali Sugriva War

Vali Sugriva War

After that Sugriva gets himself completely immersed in joy and starts enjoying the pleasures in his regained kingdom. Rama waits for a while expecting Sugriva to keep up his promise. But Sugriva does not turn up.

Ankur: Oh! It is so bad for someone to forget the promise made to a friend in need. Sugriva, is a nice guy. Why did he do so?

Friendship Vows

Friendship Vows

Rishi: You are right. Sugriva is a nice guy. But when one gets distracted too much from his duty and start enjoying beyond limits, he will tend to forget his promises.

So, Rama had to send a message to Sugriva about his promise. Since, Sugriva was alert to the message, he immediately seeks Rama’s pardon and gets on the job.

He made detailed plans to send out vanaras in search of Sita. He divided his best lieutenants into four groups and sends them in four directions to start the search for Sita. The best of the teams comprising Angada, Jambavan and Hanuman along with some other vanaras headed south.

Ankur: Is there any reason, why the best team was sent towards south?

Rishi: There is. Hanuman had observed Ravana carrying Sita towards south in his plane.

Ankur: What do you mean? Did aeroplanes exist in those days?

Rishi: Yes! Vedas describe about air flying vehicles. There are two other instances in Ramayana mentioning about aeroplanes.

Ankur: Whaw! Ancient Indians were really genius.

Rishi: You are right. But, remember modern Indians also are. You will realise this when we complete this story.

Ankur: Just a minute! I have another doubt. How did Hanuman know about the topography of the land? Don’t tell me they had detailed maps either.

Rishi: You are right. They did have complete information about Indian topography. Ramayana gives a detailed description of the same in Kishkinda Kanda. Sugriva, while sending teams in different directions, clearly defines the boundaries within which each team had to conduct the search.

Ankur: Oh! How did these two intelligent monkeys learn about all these facts?

Rishi: When Sugriva and Hanuman were fleeing in search of a safe place to hide from Vali, they had to literally run in all directions. During this period they got a clear understanding of the entire topography.

Ankur (Thinking deeply): Hmm….. I understand. Ok, what happened next.

Rishi: The team continued their search all over the south till they reached the mighty Indian Ocean. Their they run into Sampati, brother of Jatayu – who was killed in his fight with Ravana while trying to rescue Sita. Sampati gives information about Sita being present in Lanka. However the challenge is to cross the ocean to reach Sita.

Ankur: A good news and a bad news.

Rishi: You are right. They got whereabouts of Sita and that is a good news. How will they cross the mighty Indian ocean and reach Sita? This is the bad news. This is how life gives opportunities to us. Adversity and opportunity always go hand in hand. It is only the wise who will be able to discern one from the other and make use of the opportunity. The vanara team was a wise one and they get into discussion…

Angada says, “I am still small and cannot cross this distance”. Hanuman wasn’t sure of his capability and sat quietly. This is when Jambavan reveals to Hanuman secret about his strength.

As a young monkey, Hanuman could easily fly, even to reach out to the Sun. Remember he is the son of Vayu (Lord of Wind) History says that Hanuman learnt all the Vedas directly from Sun God. He was well learned and powerful even as a child.


Baby Hanuman

But he was also very naughty and proud of his strength. To put a stop to his mischievous behaviour, he was cursed to forget all his strengths. But, there was a reprieve. He could realise his strength again when others remind him of that and praises him. Jambavan, knew this and reveals Hanuman’s strengths and capabilities.

Jambavan Reveals the Secret

Jambavan Reveals the Secret

Thus realising his strengths, he sets out to cross the ocean single-handed, overcomes all the obstacles and later plays a key role in the war with Ravana. At many crucial points during the war Hanuman helps Rama and His army to win Ravana.

Mighty Hanuman

Mighty Hanuman

Ankur: Oh! So Hanuman is very powerful. Then, why is he seen always kneeling down in front of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana?

Humble Hanuman

Humble Hanuman

Rishi: That is the sign of Humility. Wisdom is a strength only when it comes with humility. Remember Hanuman was cursed to forget his strengths when he was proud and arrogant. You need to be humble, helpful and always obedient to the Supreme Lord.

This is the real secret behind new-found Hanuman’s strength and the reason he is prayed by many with deep reverence.

Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa is all about invoking the dormant Hanuman within us. We also can realise our strengths and achieve great things in life, if we awake the Hanuman within.

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  1. It was really good know how hanuman turned curse in to his strength.,,WISDOM IS STRENGTH ONLY WHEN IT COMES WITH HUMiLITY,,,.thanks rishi and ankur.

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