Clear the Nose Block

Are you suffering from cold?

Is your nose blocked?

Are you unable to sleep?

A simple technique to clear your nasal passage of phlegm, make your day better and have good sleep in the night.

The Technique:

Observe the nostril in which the block is intense. Lie on your bed turned to a side, with the blocked nostril on the top. For example – if your left nostril is blocked, lie on the bed turned to your right side. This way your left nostril is on the top.

Observe the flow of your breath for a while. The left nostril will gradually open up and you may observe the phlegm moving from left nostril to the right. At this juncture lie flat on the bed facing the ceiling. the phlegm (even during severe blocks) will move down through the internal passage into your mouth. Note: If you lie for longer duration, the right nostril will get blocked.


You may now spit the phlegm, wash your mouth and lie down flat on the bed facing the ceiling. If the block is severe, you may have to repeat the process several times till the nasal passage is clear enough allowing you to sleep in the night or work during the day.

Lie Flat

Advantages over blowing the nose hard: Blowing your nose hard to get rid of the phlegm will only intensify the suffering leading to head-ache; strain in the lungs and ears; loss of sleep in the night / poor attention on the work during the day.

This technique is useful even to clear simple blocks in the nose and balance the breath flow in both the nostrils on normal days. Balance flow of breath will help in balanced functioning of both sides of the brain making it more efficient.


Have a Great Day!


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